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People Fixing the World

People Fixing the World

Podcast People Fixing the World
Podcast People Fixing the World

People Fixing the World


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  • The World Cup of football solutions
    As the World Cup kicks off in Qatar, we look at the initiatives around the world which are using football as a way to solve problems off the pitch. We meet the people using the beautiful game to support men with their mental health in the UK, bring people together after conflict in Iraq and build the confidence of girls in the Netherlands. Presenter: Myra Anubi Reporters: Jo Casserly and Craig Langran Series producer: Tom Colls Sound mix: Hal Haines Editor: Emma Rippon Email: [email protected] Image: Roxanne ‘Rocky’ Hehakaija
  • Jobs for girls
    How hard is it for women to break into male-dominated jobs? We look at two projects which are helping women to increase their earnings by training them in forms of work that have traditionally been done by men. In Uganda, we meet the woman training girls in careers from mechanical engineering and welding to carpentry and construction And in India, we visit the college that trains impoverished women from around the world in the nuts and bolts of solar technology. As well as the economic benefits, by challenging the status quo these projects are also aiming to empower women and change society. Presenter: Myra Anubi Reporter/Producer: Farhana Haider India Reporter: Chhavi Sachdev Series producer: Tom Colls Sound Mix: Hal Haines Editor: Penny Murphy Email: [email protected] Image: Smart Girls Uganda students working on a car, Kampala.
  • COP27: Growing a forest the right way
    Tree-planting schemes don’t always work, so what’s the best way to do forest restoration? Projects around the world are planting huge numbers of trees as part of the fight against climate change. But not all of these schemes are successful – leaving dead saplings and wasted money in their wake. People Fixing the World works out how to do it right. In West Africa, we look at how farmers have reforested and restored huge areas without planting a single seed. In Brazil, we visit a project that has planted more than 600,000 trees in the endangered Atlantic Forest. Myra Anubi also hears about new satellite technology which can help us map reforestation across the world, to give a clearer picture of what is and isn’t working when it comes to growing trees. Presenter: Myra Anubi Reporter: Julia Carneiro Producers: Zoe Gelber and William Kremer Series producer: Tom Colls Sound mix: Hal Haines Editor: Penny Murphy Email: [email protected] Image: A sapling (Getty Images)
  • Picking up healthcare with the litter
    Would you pick up litter if your life depended on it? Around the world, companies and governments are trying to incentivise people to pick up litter and recycle their waste. In Nigeria, we visit the tech start-up which encourages people to pick rubbish up off the street – and then swaps the plastic bottles, cartons and metals they collect for potentially life-saving healthcare. And in Turkey, we meet the mayor on a mission to get his residents recycling, by exchanging their household waste for points that earn them money. Presenter: Myra Anubi Reporters: Craig Langran and Kareemot Salami Producer: Jo Casserly Series producer: Tom Colls Sound mix: Hal Haines Editor: Penny Murphy Email: [email protected] Image: Recycling in Turkey
  • Albatrosses and oysters fixing the world
    Giant seabirds and shellfish are being used to help protect our planet. On an tiny island in the remote Southern Ocean, a French researcher wanted to find out why so many birds were being killed by fishing boats. By attaching radar loggers to Albatrosses, he inadvertently invented a powerful method for tracking down illegal vessels. And in New Orleans in the US, a restaurant owner is recycling tonnes of old oyster shells. They’re being put back in the ocean to protect the shoreline and create new reefs so more oysters can grow. Presenter: Myra Anubi Reporter: Anna Adams Producer: Zoe Gelber Series producer: Tom Colls Sound mix: Hal Haines Editor: Penny Murphy Email: [email protected] Image: An albatross (Getty Images)

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