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  • Kelly Starrett, DPT | The Fundamentals of Fitness
    Becoming your most athletic self isn’t just about going harder, lifting heavier or running faster. According to Kelly Starrett, a doctor of physical therapy, improving your performance starts with nailing the basics. On this episode, the CrossFit trainer and co-founder of The Ready State tells us how to build a solid fitness foundation by maximizing our movement and mobility. He explains the basic skills that can help prevent injury and how they’re consistently utilized across all areas of sport and fitness. He also breaks down how anyone can stay fit — in or out of the gym.Learn MoreWant to be coached by Kelly? Check out The Ready State.Go in-depth on Kelly’s philosophies with his bestselling book, Becoming a Supple Leopard.Get more CrossFit training tips from Chandler Smith’s Trained episode, then check out this article on the Nike Coaching Hub for more mobility guidance.
  • No Off-Season Episode 8 | Blake Leeper | Running For His Life
    Sprinter and two-time Paralympic medalist, Blake Leeper shares a story of perseverance, survival, and speed as he learns to navigate a life without legs, a bout with substance abuse and a legal battle that would force him to learn to run all over again. As Blake prepares to return to the world stage, he explains why his mental health toolkit, painstakingly developed over a number of years, is more important to him than ever.
  • Jaelin Howell | Soccer’s Next Generation
    Like many of us, Jaelin Howell started playing sports before she could even read. Unlike most of us, she went on to rep jerseys for the U.S. National Women’s Team and Racing Louisville FC. On this episode, the up-and-coming soccer star details every step of that journey. She shares the benefits of coming from a family of athletes, gets real about the struggles of collegiate sports, and explains the training it takes to transition from club to NCAA to pro. She also tells us what she’s learned from the women who came before her, what it’s like to play with her childhood idols, and what kind of legacy she hopes to leave.Learn MoreWatch the moment Jaelin scored her first international goal.Hear from U.S. soccer legend Alex Morgan about her own journey with the game.Get everything you need for your best performance on the pitch with Nike Soccer.
  • No Off-Season Episode 7 | Megan Bartlett | The Coach of the Future
    As founder of the Center for Healing & Justice Through Sport, Megan Bartlett engages with sport at every level. From community centers and juvenile detention centers to major college athletic conferences and professional leagues, Megan and her team put a premium on teaching coaches to deliver healing-centered sport experiences while protecting, nurturing, and embracing athletes for every bit of who they are. In this conversation with Crisis Text Line’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Shairi Turner, Megan talks about addressing all types of trauma, building resilience through dosed stress, and her game-changing blueprint for the future of coaching.
  • Timothy Caulfield | Exposing Misinformation in Wellness
    With continuously emerging fads like macrobiotics, vitamin IVs and cryotherapy, the wellness industry has been rapidly growing for decades. And the more its monetary value and list of buzzwords grows, the blurrier the line between scientific truth and pseudoscience hype gets. That’s why Timothy Caulfield, a Canadian professor of health law and science policy, has focused his career on clearing up the difference between fact and fiction. On this episode, the bestselling author tells us why the wellness industry is prone to misinformation, how we can spot it and what we can do about it. He then lays out some common misconceptions about the five facets of fitness — mindset, movement, nutrition, recovery and sleep — and shares simple tricks to help us recognize accurate research.Learn MoreGet more clarity on how you can distinguish real science from pseudoscience in Timothy’s book The Cure for Everything.See the full study on teaching children critical thinking skills and read more about how taking a pause can help slow the spread of misinformation.Check out our hub of health, fitness and wellness articles for more research-backed guidance. 



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