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The Jeff Nippard Podcast

The Jeff Nippard Podcast

Podcast The Jeff Nippard Podcast
Podcast The Jeff Nippard Podcast

The Jeff Nippard Podcast


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  • Training Minimalism: Can You Get More Gains With Less Work?
    Timestamps: 0:00 Intro 1:20 What is training minimalism & minimum dose training 10:25 - Minimalistic training for strength 36:36 - Minimalistic training for strength 59:26 - Exciting new research for Dr. Pak   Watch my Minimalism Science Explained video: Find Dr. Pak here:
  • THE GREAT BULKING DEBATE (Mike Israetel, Menno Henselmans vs Greg Nuckols, Eric Trexler)
    Timestamps: 0:00 Defining P Ratio & Important Background Info 3:48 – Mike Israetel Opening Statement (Practical Bulk Guidelines) 26:58 – Eric Trexler Opening Statement (P Ratio & Bodyfat) 41:50 – Menno Henselmans Rebuttal (Why Cut First) 57:07 – Greg Nuckols Rebuttal (Issues with Menno’s stance) 1:12:50 – Within-Individual vs inter-individual lean gain potential 1:26:19 – Can I (Jeff) gain muscle just as well at 10%, 15%, 20%, etc? 1:36:56 – Clarifying stances and have any minds changed? 1:46:33 – Client recommendations & concluding remarks   Background Reading & Sources: Original P-Ratio Article/Meta: Rebuttal by Menno Henselmans: Rebuttal to the Rebuttal 1: Rebuttal to the Rebuttal 2:   You can also listen on: iTunes: Spotify:     Find Mike Israetel here:   Find Menno Henselmans here:   Find Greg Nuckols here:   Find Eric Trexler here:
  • #46 - The Truth About Posture & Pain ft. Dr. Sam Spinelli
    Timestamps: 0:00 Intro 1:13 – current state of youtube and mainstream posture advice 3:23 – is there such thing as good and bad posture? 6:35 – science-based vs “bro” posture approaches 9:56 – dealing with postural stress at work 18:09 – does bad posture cause pain? 21:44 – what should we do about pain? 24:17 – are 10 minute daily drills & stretches useless? 29:20 – is neck training a good idea? 33:02 – science-based takeaways for posture and pain? 38:54 – “but this fixed MY pain!” You can also listen on: iTunes: Spotify: Watch my main channel posture video: Find Dr. Sam Spinelli here:
  • #45 - How Important Is Failure & How Much Does Training Hard Matter? ft. Greg Nuckols
    0:00 Intro 1:03 - How hard should you train? (Greg's answer) 4:19 - How important is failure for hypertrophy 13:55 - Is going to failure more risky or injurious? 26:53 - RPE for muscle growth: good or bad? 30:54 - Does it matter when you train to failure in a mesocycle? 34:45 - What is the low-end intensity threshold for muscle growth? 37:45 - Is volume or intensity more important? 44:43 - Rep range discussion   Watch my "How Hard Should You Train?" compilation video:   Find Greg Nuckols here:
  • #44 - Volume vs Intensity, Hard Training & Progressions ft. Dr. Eric Helms
    Timestamps: 0:00 Intro 1:48 - What is hard training (concepts & definitions) 7:00 - Is there a "minimum RPE" for hypertrophy? 10:50 - Is volume or intensity more important? 15:42 - Do you have a gripe with low volume (HIT) training? 18:25 - How do you progress on a moderate-effort, moderate-volume approach? 24:03 - Do people underestimate RPE? Is this a problem? 27:14 - Implications for "average gym goers" using RPE 29:58 - Is intensity the "most fundamental" variable? 33:22 - What is the importance of failure for hypertrophy? 41:13 - Per-set RPE vs per-session RPE   You can listen on: iTunes:   Spotify:   Watch my "How Hard Should You Train?" compilation video:   Find Eric Helms here:

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