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Unleash Your Greatness Within

Unleash Your Greatness Within

Podcast Unleash Your Greatness Within
Podcast Unleash Your Greatness Within

Unleash Your Greatness Within


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  • Change Your Paradigm, Change Your Relationships with Sean Covey
    It’s up to you! TJ Hoisington and Sean Covey discuss relationship advice and the role you play in improving your relationships. TJ and Sean share personal family stories where once the paradigm was changed, the relationship changed for the better. All behavior comes down to your paradigms, and Stephen R Covey (Sean’s father) would teach. Take this to heart! Watch on YouTube:
  • Achieving Your Goals without Delusion
    As you set and strategize your goals and New Year's resolutions, there is one very important step not to be missed. Missing this step prevents people from making their goals and dreams a reality. Missing this step slows down effectiveness and sustainment. Keep this in mind, "Writing down goals without making a TRUE DECISION is DELUSION! Get started today! Despite all the confusion and contention in the world today and make 2022 your best year ever! Watch on YouTube:  
  • Let's Play 'SMILE' Football
    One way to connect more with people is to smile more. In this video, I share an activity that I often do during my motivational speeches. It's called "smile football." Audiences around the world have enjoyed this metaphor. It's a way to get people out of their comfort zones while at the same time teaching principles and having fun at the same time. I also share the average number of smiles per day for children versus adults in this video. The number is staggering. Far too many adults have become programmed to live beneath their potential. I challenge you to smile more and see what happens around you. Watch on YouTube:  
  • Make this Christmas Meaningful
    I've been pondering on gifts that we give and receive this Christmas season. What gifts have a greater value? More lasting value? I think it's easy sometimes to overlook the simple and heartfelt gifts that the world desperately longs for. Several years ago, I had an experience during a seminar that left me believing in the importance of simple gifts and acting on impressions. This season may we remember "the true reason for the season: the gift of God's Son, Jesus Christ." May you feel and act on His love this Holiday season. Watch on YouTube:  
  • Successfully Leading and Executing Projects with Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez
    In this new podcast episode, I had the privilege of interviewing Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez, one of the leading experts on project management. In partnership with Harvard Business Review and his new book, "How to Launch, Lead, and Sponsor Successful Projects," Antonio and I talk about leadership, performance, team development, and, most important, Project Management. Today, we live in a project-Driven world. What do successful projects look like, and how are they successfully executed? Watch on Youtube:  

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