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CNN The Lead w/ Jake Tapper

CNN The Lead w/ Jake Tapper

CNN The Lead w/ Jake Tapper

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  • Family, friends remember George Floyd in first memorial service; Three officers have first hearing, bail set at $1 million each; Mattis blasts Trump: “Making a mockery of our constitution”; U.S. coronavirus death toll surpasses 107,000; CDC Director testifies early coronavirus tests were “not flawed”; Police tactics under scrutiny after George Floyd’s death;
    Sen. Murkowski agrees with Mattis criticism, says
  • All four officers involved in George Floyd's death charged with murder; Minnesota AG news conference on new charges in Floyd death
    Officer arrested for Floyd's death charged with 2n
  • Minneapolis police to undergo civil rights investigation; Peaceful protesters tear gassed for Trump church photo-op; Protesters gather in George Floyd’s hometown of Houston; Trump threatens to deploy US military to “dominate” protesters; U.S. coronavirus death toll at more than 105,000;
    Protests underway in Minnesota, curfew starts at 1
  • George Floyd’s family visits memorial at site of his death; Law enforcement investigating both far left and far right groups; NYC mayor announces 11pm curfew, doubling of police tonight; Study shows lasting effects police killing have on communities; Health experts warn protests could increase virus spread;
    Curfews in place as nation prepares for tonight; G
  • MN officer charged with third-degree murder, manslaughter; Charging doc: Officer had knee on Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes, Floyd was non-responsive for nearly 3 minutes; Trump fails to mention George Floyd or Minneapolis protests during Rose Garden statement; 15 states trending up in cases; 10 flat; 25 seeing a drop;
    Prosecutor “anticipates” charges against officers

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