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  • More confusion over Kenya's presidential election
    Kenya's presidential election result is caught in a quagmire, as candidate Raila Odinga alleges foul play... We'll be asking what happens next? Plus, we preview elections in Angola. And we will introduce you to a star called Nutty O, whose fresh music is making people dance to the beat in Zimbabwe.
  • William Ruto declared Kenya election winner
    William Ruto has been declared the winner of Kenya’s presidential election, narrowly beating Raila Odinga. The announcement in Nairobi was delayed by several hours, and there was further controversy with some electoral commissioners saying reporters that they did not agree with the final count. Plus, we hear the harrowing story of the Nigerian farmer who was abducted, while her fiancé was murdered. Some 350 farmers in the country have been killed or kidnapped in the past year. And we meet the BBC News Komla Dumor Award winner for 2022, Zambian journalist Dingindaba Jonah Buyoya.
  • Deaths in protests in Somaliland
    At least three people were killed in protests in Somaliland. But why was this normally peaceful territory engulfed by violence? Also, Sierra Leone's main opposition APC says it is not responsible for deadly protests earlier this week. They blame the government's economic policies instead. And we take the pulse of Kenya's parliamentary election results.
  • Sierra Leone imposes curfew following protests
    In Sierra Leone, at least 27 people are known to have died, Six of them police officers during violent protests in the capital, Freetown, and other towns in the north of the country on Wednesday; The US Secretary of State tries to soothe tensions between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo; More than 800 prisoners are set free following a prison break in the DRC. We look at who may be behind it and why; Can South Africa develop its growing cannabis industry fairly and profitably? Kenyan comedienne Elsa Majimbo talks about fame and the people who inspire her. You can listen to the Focus on Africa edition edited by Elsa here: This edition of Africa Today is edited by Hassan Arouni, produced by Marco Oriunto and presented by Audrey Brown.
  • Protests over rising cost of living in Sierra Leone
    Demonstrations against the rising cost of living, corruption and police brutality have taken place in Sierra Leone’s capital Freetown, as well as several other towns in the country. The government has declared a nationwide curfew in response to the protests. Plus, votes are being counted in Kenya, following Tuesday’s presidential and parliamentary elections. Turnout is estimated at around 64%, well short of the 80% in the last election five years ago. And seven men are charged with rape in South Africa, after an attack on several women at an abandoned mine outside Johannesburg. The case has caused outrage in the country.

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