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Spilled Milk - A comedy show about food

Spilled Milk - A comedy show about food

Podcast Spilled Milk - A comedy show about food
Podcast Spilled Milk - A comedy show about food

Spilled Milk - A comedy show about food


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  • Episode 524: Day of Perfect Snacks
    Today we attempt to define "snack" and our relationship as nostalgia carries us away to The House of Lingering Smells. We learn Italian geography while praising goldfish, midnight munchies and sninks before Molly gets judgy and Matthew provides a very important update. Transcript Matthew's Now but Wow! - Record of a Night Too Brief,Hiromi Kawakami See for privacy information.
  • Episode 523: Dashi
    Happy New Year! 2022 is our year, we feel it! Today we're standing on the shoulders of giants to learn that anchovies make everything better as we discuss Dashi. Then, we pitch The Baker's Dozen Strategy while trying on way too many hats. This episode contains savory undertones. Transcript Just One Cookbook Dashi recipe Dashi's tried Homemade dashi made from Hokkaidō Minami-kayabe kombu Kin no Katsuodashi packets Ajinomoto Hondashi granules Matthew's Now but Wow! - XOXO by Axie Oh “Save the World” by Matthew Amster-Burton Producer Abby's Website for podcast and fiction editing!  See for privacy information.
  • Episode 522: Cinnamon Sticks
    Today we pitch a new movie and a new Spice Girl as we wonder how someone figured out that cinnamon sticks are a thing. While praising mullet dresses we learn who fills Matthew's stocking and how the Oxford Dictionary defines a mug of hot beverage. Is Cider Chat the new Chili Chat!? Transcript Mulled Wine Matthew's Now but Wow! - Dank Moms podcast See for privacy information.
  • Episode 521: Pears
    Harry and David here, coming to you from deep in the past. We try to keep things from going pear shaped as we discuss gentle pleasures, buying the farm and get way too sciencey before visiting the door to hell. Transcript Molly's fresh ginger cake with caramelized pears Molly's Art of Eating Article Pear Clafoutis Molly's Now but Wow! - Made with Lau, YouTube channel and website See for privacy information.
  • Episode 520: Adobo with Romeo Roque-Nido
    Welcome to Spilled Molly, where things get off to an illicit start and Matthew feels left out. Today we are discussing Adobo with Romeo Roque-Nido and discover that this Filipino stew is more than the sum of its parts, just like us! Transcript The Filipino Instant Pot Cookbook Korean Instant Pot Cookbook Molly's Now but Wow! - Celebrate Your Body, by Sonya Renee Taylor See for privacy information.

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Spilled Milk - A comedy show about food

Spilled Milk - A comedy show about food

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