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  • Assaulted by my massage therapist
    The massage industry has bounced back since covid, but File on 4 investigates the darker side of this industry. Hannah Price speaks to women who were sexually assaulted by massage therapists. In some cases, the therapist went on to assault other women even after they’d been arrested. The programme reveals how the industry is largely unregulated - with no licensing of practitioners. It means anyone, even without qualifications or with a criminal conviction, could practice as a massage therapist. Sexual assault victims and professional bodies in the sector are calling for more regulation to be introduced to protect both clients and therapists from sexual violence and harm. Reporter: Hannah Price Producers: Paul Grant and Eleanor Layhe Editor: Carl Johnston
  • Ukraine War Stories: What Happened Next?
    In March 2022, File on 4 told the stories of six people whose lives were changed forever by war in Ukraine. They were not soldiers, activists or politicians. They were civilians, not used to war or how to deal with it. They kept audio diaries that told a raw truth about loss, hope and even love. Some packed up and left with their children while others remained in the eye of the storm. Among them, a language teacher from Mariupol who did not know if her parents were still alive – and a model who was caught up in shelling in Chernihiv. But what’s happened to them since? File on 4 tries to trace them, to discover how their lives have changed in four months of war. Reporter: Paul Kenyon Producer: Hayley Mortimer Editor: Carl Johnston
  • Children’s Homes: Profits Before Care?
    Last month an independent children’s social care review concluded that providing care for children in residential homes 'should not be based on profit'. The government response was that they have no any objection to profit being made as long as standards of care are properly regulated. But is there a difference in the standard of care between ‘for profit’ and ‘not-for-profit’ children’s homes? With exclusive access to new data from the regulator Ofsted, reporter Tom Wall investigates the companies that are making huge profits from the children’s homes to ask whether there is shortfall in care and whether the reforms suggested are necessary. Tom also talks to care leavers and children who have experienced life in homes where profit is a priority. Reporter: Tom Wall Producer: Jim Booth Technical Producer: Richard Hannaford Journalism Assistant: Tim Fernley Production Manager: Sarah Payton Editor: Carl Johnston
  • Dementia: The Final Indignity
    Around 800,000 people have dementia in the UK. For those suffering from the illness, incontinence can often be seen an inevitable consequence - but that’s not always the case. Deemed as too embarrassing or taboo, it’s a topic that rarely hits the spotlight. Experts say preserving someone’s ability to go to the toilet is crucial to maintaining their dignity and quality of life and should be a priority in care settings. But is that always happening? A new report shown exclusively to File on 4 has looked at how continence care is being managed in hospitals – and how, in some cases, those who are continent are actively encouraged to soil themselves. Datshiane Navanayagam speaks to families who say their loved ones were ignored when it came to their continence needs in hospital and that the consequences have left them with health issues and requiring additional support. Nurses and medical staff say that continence training is often seen as a ‘Cinderella subject’. We also hear from dementia patients themselves about why maintaining your own dignity and independence is so crucial with this disease. With the government set to reveal a new dementia strategy this year, will continence care be placed higher up the agenda? Reporter: Datshiane Navanayagam Producers: Emma Forde, Annabel Deas and Scott Hesketh Production Manager: Sarah Payton Journalism Assistant: Tim Fernley Editor: Carl Johnston
  • Sibling Sexual Abuse: The Last Taboo?
    With exclusive access to research – the first of its kind – reporter Livvy Haydock investigates what could be the most common form of sexual abuse that happens within families: sibling sexual abuse. She speaks to families struggling to get help for this distressing form of abuse and those struggling to come to terms with a child harming another child – and fighting to repair their family. As she will find out, a lack of official data makes it difficult to know for sure the true scale of the problem but some experts suggest 1.3 million people in the UK may have been affected by it. And she will ask if a reluctance to accept what’s going on in front of us, could mean that when people look for help, often, it’s not there. This is a story about sexual abuse at the very heart of the family; a story that may challenge what you think you know about the risk children may face in our homes. Reporter: Livvy Haydock Producer: Alys Harte Technical Producer: Craig Boardman Journalism Assistant: Tim Fernley Production Manager: Sarah Payton Editor: Nicola Addyman

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