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After Hours

Podcast After Hours
Podcast After Hours

After Hours


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  • The Thanksgiving Food Episode!
    In celebration of Thanksgiving, Felix and Mihir are joined by Youngme to talk about all things food! Join them as they talk about everything from the future of Kellogg’s to the explosion in Korean food around the globe. They also riff on the evolution of restaurant plating, the proliferation of QR menus, the best depictions of food in movies and television, the failure of recycling, and innovations in rice farming. Get ready to have hunger pangs after this one!
  • Washington Gridlock—How Will the Markets Respond
    Mihir, Felix and Charlotte Howard discuss how companies will respond to political gridlock in the United States. Is it good for business? Will it really lift markets as many observers expect? Also: We speculate how the tech layoffs will influence the job market and the long-term prospects of tech talent.
  • Workplace Big Brother and Fresh Starts
    In this episode, Felix and Mihir are joined by Katy Milkman to discuss workplace surveillance and the value of a fresh start.
  • Who Is Afraid of Woke Capitalism?
    Mihir, Felix and NYU’s Dolly Chugh discuss the pressure on business leaders to conform to the demands of woke capitalism. Should you give in? Push back? What are the risks and rewards? Also: Feeling low lately? Chances are you are just getting older. We speculate why most people go through some sort of midlife crisis and talk about ways to better cope with life’s seemingly inevitable ups and downs.
  • The limits of Goldman and technology
    Felix and Mihir consider the future of Goldman Sachs and the limits of technology in human interactions.

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