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The Bottom Line

Podcast The Bottom Line
Podcast The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line


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  • Little Boxes?
    The government target for building houses in the UK is 300,000 a year, but over the past few years only around 60 per cent of that number have been constructed. The sector faces many challenges; labour and skills shortages and rapidly rising prices for raw materials, not to mention uneven planning laws and green building commitments. Are they building the homes the country needs and where it needs them? Evan Davis and guests discuss. GUESTS Ben Dimson, Partner, Property Sector, McKinsey Peter Truscott, CEO, Crest Nicholson Rico Wojtulewicz, Head of Housing and Planning, National Federation of Builders Presenter: Evan Davis Producers: Julie Ball and Lucinda Borrell Editors: Hugh Levinson and Jon Bithrey Sound: James Beard, Rod Farquhar Production Co-ordinators: Siobhan Reed and Helena Warwick-Cross
  • Russian Exodus
    Hundreds of western businesses have decided to stop operating in Russia as a result of the invasion of Ukraine. But what does leaving Russia actually mean in practical terms – how do you go about it and who bears the cost? Can you end up hurting your own company and your Russian workers more than the Russian state? Evan Davis debates with his guests, one of whom leads a global automotive dealer that has just sold its business in Russia to its local managers. GUESTS: James Alexander, Chief Executive of the UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association John Morrison, CEO of the Institute for Human Rights and Business Duncan Tait, CEO of automotive dealer Inchcape Producer: Lucinda Borrell Sound: Rod Farquhar Editor: Jon Bithrey Production Co-Ordinators: Siobhan Reed and Helena Warwick-Cross
  • Woke or Broke?
    From Disney to the Halifax bank, companies are increasingly willing to take a stance on everything. But what is driving this trend and will it continue? Ultimately isn't it the job of a business to make money for its shareholders and not get involved in politics and contentious social issues? Evan Davis and guests discuss. GUESTS Nina Bhatia, Executive Director, Strategy and Commercial Development, John Lewis Partnership Ian Leslie, Journalist and Author of 'Conflicted' Becky Willan, CEO and Co-founder, Given Agency Nicola Kilner, CEO and Co-founder of Deciem Producer: Julie Ball Sound: James Beard Editor: Jon Bithrey Production Co-Ordinators: Siobhan Reed and Helena Warwick-Cross
  • 'Sorry, all our agents are busy right now'
    Why does it seem so hard to contact a business these days? It's almost like they deliberately hide their phone numbers from us. When we do manage to ring, they often make us sit through an endless list of 'caller options' before allowing us to speaking to anyone. Are they deliberately trying to dissuade us from getting in touch or are we expecting too much too soon from customer services? Evan Davis speak to the people managing our calls. Guests: Leigh Hopwood: Chief Executive of the Call Centre Management Association Dave Mills: NHS specialist at EVAD Tim Callington: Director of technology firm Flipside Producer: Nick Holland Studio Managers: James Beard & Rod Farquhar Production Coordinators: Siobhan Reed & Iona Hammond Editor: Hugh Levinson .
  • Employment Tribunals
    What to expect when a workplace dispute ends up in court. Thousands of people lodge grievances relating to their jobs directly with their employers, and that's often where they remain. But if you think you have been unfairly dismissed, or suffered unfair discrimination on the grounds of sex, race of age, the case may end up at an employment tribunal. Dramatic cases - complete with lurid accusations and sometimes huge payouts - are regularly reported on by the media. Evan Davis asks his expert guests about what really goes on during this generally painful process, and whether anybody ever really wins at a tribunal. Guests: Chris Hadrill, Head of Employment Law, Redmans Solicitors Sian Keall, Partner, Employment Law, Travers Smith LLP Martin Tiplady, Director, Chameleon People Solution Producer: Julie Ball Editor: Hugh Levinson Sound: James Beard Production Coordinators: Siobhan Reed and Helena Warwick-Cross

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