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  • 31/01/2023
    There’s confrontation at Willow Cottage, and Chelsea throws down the gauntlet.
  • 30/01/2023
    Susan gently plies Lee with questions about the circumstances around Jennifer’s death. When Justin joins her, he ignores her mention of Jennifer and focuses on the shop’s stock layout. Susan isn’t sure about the changes but Justin convinces her to give it a go, promising to put it all back to how it was if there’s an uproar. Justin admits he’s trying to lift Lilian’s spirits but is struggling with knowing what to do for the best. When Susan says it’s your nearest and dearest that pull you through, Justin has an idea. Pat agrees to babysit Henry and Jack on Valentine’s night and asks Lee about his daughters. The move to America is still planned unless Mabel and Evie have other ideas. Lee sees their half term visit as a trial run of what it would be like if they moved in. Lee reassures a nervous Pat that if they were to live with him it would have to work for Helen, Henry and Jack too. He wouldn’t be able to do it without Helen by his side. Lynda calls on Lilian to approve her tribute to Jennifer for the village website. Lynda’s words reduce Lilian to tears. When Lilian wonders why Jennifer didn’t tell her about her heart condition, Lynda points out it can be hard to be honest with those we’re closest to. Justin returns home and announces that James, Leonie and Mungo are visiting this weekend. Lilian is appalled, she’s in no fit state to host. Justin is at a loss – he’s invited them and can’t tell them not to come.
  • 29/01/2023
    Alice thinks Ruairi will benefit from reading Jennifer’s journal but he doesn’t want to know. However later she happens on him reading it. When Alice tries to connect with Ruairi over it, he rushes off. Alice reads the page Ruairi was looking at to Adam. It’s about Ruairi joining the family. Later she comforts Ruairi who softens towards her only to push her away again when she suggests inviting Julianne to Ambridge. Adam’s pleased to be keeping busy with work at Bridge Farm. He tells Tony and Pat the logistics for Jennifer’s funeral are complicated. Lilian is sorry to see him head off as she arrives with things still awkward between her and Tony and Pat. Pat implores Tony to clear the air with Lilian but Tony isn’t sure what else to say. Tony and Pat try to explain why he didn’t tell Lilian about Jennifer’s heart condition but they only rile Lilian who reminds them that she was with Jennifer when she collapsed. Tony points out that he is grieving too but Lilian only sees how unfair it was that he knew about Jennifer’s situation for months whereas her last memory is clutching Jennifer’s hand in an ambulance. Lilian seeks out Adam keen to talk to someone who feels the same as her about not knowing about Jennifer’s heart condition. Adam surprises her when he says he’s now come to see that it was Jennifer’s decision, and it shows her bravery. Lilian sees she’s the only one who won’t accept this and states she’ll be fine on her own.
  • 27/01/2023
    Sorrowful Alice can’t face washing her mum’s clothes. They smell of her perfume. Kate tries to scoop her up, but Alice won’t be comforted. She feels it’s all of their faults that Jennifer kept her condition secret. Their mum knew that it would be hard for her children, so she took the burden, as usual. And now it’s too late for them to put things right. Adam’s tense, and he and Kate bicker over crossed wires about some paperwork for the funeral director. Adam’s anxious to get things underway, and they need to be on the same page. Alice interrupts them. She’s found her mum’s journal. They read about Jennifer’s love for Brian, and what life has taught her. They realise she kept her secret not because she was always putting herself last, but because she was putting the good things first. They need to remember that, instead of bickering. David, Neil and Jolene discuss broken Brian. David wonders whether he did any good yesterday. Jolene assures him he did – Brian knows there are people outside of his grief bubble who care. Neil has an idea. He goes to Willow Cottage, where he finds Brian talking to Tony, and gives Brian a hug, assuring him of the support of his friends. He persuades Brian to come to The Bull. Cautiously Brian agrees to one drink, and enjoys seeing a picture of Jennifer as a child that Kenton found. As Brian makes to leave, Jolene suggests raising a glass to Jennifer. Despite his initial reluctance, Brian joins in the toast.
  • 26/01/2023
    Stella’s puzzling over whether or not to go ahead with the new drill. Who can she talk to now? Ruth acknowledges it’s hard, and agrees Stella needs to know where she stands. Later Stella asks Adam, and he approves the purchase – he’s glad Brian’s been won over to regenerative farming. He can’t see any of them being ready to get back to farming business for some time, so Stella’s free to take the reins. It’s fraught at Willow Cottage. Adam’s frustrated that Brian hadn’t spoken with Jennifer about any funeral wishes. Ruairi still feels guilty that he wasn’t around enough in recent months. Brian assures emotional Ruairi that Jenny understood, and was proud of him. David updates Ruth on the secret that was kept about Jennifer’s health condition. He’s worried, and goes to see Brian. Ruth spots Ruairi and invites him indoors. Ruairi declares he’s not getting involved in the blame game his siblings are playing. He hurt Jenny just by being born; he’s caused her only pain. Ruth points out the joy he brought Jennifer. But Ruairi feels he doesn’t deserve to grieve, and that he doesn’t belong in Ambridge. David finds pensive Brian at the spot where he proposed to Jennifer. He says it was Jenny who made their house a home – and he lost it. He believes the move to Willow Cottage was the final straw for his wife. David affirms it was family that mattered to Jennifer, not property. Brian can’t imagine how he’s going to go on.

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