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Podcast CNN Amanpour.
Podcast CNN Amanpour.

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  • Will Crimea hold the key to Russia's war on Ukraine?
    As the long stalemate continues in Ukraine, can a series of attacks on Crimea turn the tide? We hear from former Ukrainian Defense Minister Andrii Zahorodniuk. Then: Disasters, corruption, and brutal gang violence. Can anything stop Haiti's spiral towards collapse? Plus: Selina Wang tracks one man's desperate escape from China in search of the American dream. And: Fighting for freedom not with guns, but with music. An interview with the members of the Ukrainian freedom orchestra as they wrap up their world tour.To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
  • What's next for Liz Cheney?
    It was a primary with immense ramifications for the future of the Republican Party, with the perils of crossing former President Trump on full display last night in the state of Wyoming. Liz Cheney was soundly defeated by the little known – but Trump-backed – candidate Harriet Hageman. Cheney had become a rare vocal critic of the former president within her own party and is a leading member of the House committee investigating the January 6 insurrection. Cheney says she is “thinking” about running in the 2024 presidential election, but where does her loss leave the GOP? Former Republican congressman Joe Walsh joins the show to discuss.  Also on today's show: Iran scholar Karim Sadjadpour; economist Vicky Pryce; CNN Chief Climate Correspondent Bill Weir; 17-year-old aviator Mack Rutherford, who's aiming to become the youngest person to fly solo around the world.To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
  • Chaos in Kenya
    William Ruto is the declared winner of Kenya’s presidential election, after edging out opposition leader Raila Odinga by an extremely narrow margin. Odinga is rejecting the results and will challenge them in court, something he’s done in the past – this is his fifth time running. Chaos erupted at the election center and in Odinga strongholds, and four of the seven electoral officials disowned the results. For more on this, Sara Sidner speaks with CNN's Larry Madowo in Kisumu.  Also on today's show: International Crisis Group's Africa Program Director Murithi Mutiga; International relations professor Oliver Stuenkel; Austrian Minister for Climate Action Leonore Gewessler.To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
  • Special report: Afghanistan one year on
    Today, the Taliban announced a public holiday to mark the first anniversary since their return to power in Afghanistan. As they congratulate themselves, the Afghan people may find little to rejoice, however. The Taliban is yet to run a fully functioning government, women’s rights are evaporating, and the economy took another blow today as the Biden administration announced it won’t be releasing billions of dollars of frozen Afghan assets any time soon. It’s a life or death situation for many Afghans who face malnutrition, and the United Nations is warning that half the population faces acute food insecurity. Today, we take a closer look at the current state of play inside the country.  Today's guests include former US Ambassador to Afghanistan Ryan Crocker, former Afghan Youth Representative to the UN Shkula Zadran, and Committee to Protect Journalists President Jodie Ginsberg.To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit
  • Afghanistan, one year later
    It’s nearly one year since the Taliban took returned to power in Afghanistan and the US withdrew. Since then, a devastating earthquake and ongoing economic crisis have crippled the country. Elliot Ackerman knows Afghanistan well, have served five tours there and in Iraq while in the Marines. Last August, he found himself pulled right back in, trying from afar to help Afghans desperate to flee the country. He details it all in his new book, The Fifth Act, and he speaks with Bianna about why he believes America’s disastrous withdrawal represented the collapse of its morals.  Also in today's show: Ed Perkins, director of the new HBO documentary on Princess Diania, The Princess; Jennette McCurdy, author of I’m Glad My Mom Died.To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

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