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Business Matters

Podcast Business Matters
Podcast Business Matters

Business Matters

Nachrichten aus der internationalen Geschäftswelt, mit Livegästen und Specials über Asien und die USA.
Nachrichten aus der internationalen Geschäftswelt, mit Livegästen und Specials über Asien und die USA.

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  • Hurricane Ian tears through Florida
    ABC’s senior business correspondent Peter Ryan and Stephanie Hare, broadcaster & author, join us throughout the programme to discuss the latest business stories from around the world. We hear the latest from Florida where more than 2 and a half million homes and businesses are without electricity after one of the most deadly hurricanes in the state’s history. The BBC’s international business correspondent Theo Leggett gives us his assessment after Porsche shares climbed on their debut in one of Europe’s largest initial public offerings. We get reaction to what’s being called one of the worst data breaches in Australia’s history, after 40% of the population had personal data stolen. Also on Business Matters, with less than to months to go till the Football World Cup in Qatar we hear why Denmark have toned down their kits to protest against the host's human rights record and alleged treatment of migrant workers.
  • Hurricane Ian sweeps through Florida
    Alexander Kaufman from the Huffington Post, based in New York, and Rebecca Choong Wilkins join us throughout the programme for a chat about the day’s big business stories. There are more reactions to the leaks detected in Nord Stream 1 and 2. Sweden has launched an investigation, and Norway is to deploy the military to protect its energy sites. The EU has promised a robust and united response to any deliberate disruption of European energy infrastructure. Raoul Ruparel, a former UK government adviser, reacts to the turbulence facing the UK economy. We also hear from Maurice Obstfeld, a professor of economics at the University of California, and former Chief Economist at the International Monetary Fund. Amazon has unveiled its latest range of own-brand tech devices – including a new one that watches you sleep. The BBC’s Alex Bell looks ahead to its release. Also on Business Matters, Shay Segev of the DAZN Group talks us through its recent acquisition of Eleven Sports.(Picture: Hurricane Ian sweeps through Florida. Picture Credit Getty Images).
  • IMF reacts to UK economic policy
    The International Monetary Fund has openly criticised the UK’s economic policy. It says the government's plan to cut tax for the highest earners and increase borrowing will increase inequality. Our North America business correspondent from New York, Michelle Fleury, tells us more. The UK Treasury says it is focused on growing the economy to raise living standards for everyone. Former Deputy Director at the IMF, Adnan Mazarei, speaks further on the issue. Energy journalist Jacob Schlandt gives us the latest on gas leaks from the Russian-controlled Nordstream gas pipelines – which the international community has labelled an act of sabotage. Hurricane Ian gathers momentum towards Florida, leaving hundreds of thousands of people in Cuba without power. Cathy Perkins, the Director of Pinellas County Emergency Management, talks to us. Could building more homes and offices out of wood instead of concrete help tackle climate change? The BBC's Maddy Savage explores the pros and cons. Carlos Kytka, the executive director of the Gay European Tourism Association, chats with us about Cuba's push to become an attractive destination for LGBTQ+ visitors. (Picture: The UK's currency, pound sterling, has fallen to historic lows. Credit: Getty Images.)
  • Currency plunge fuels concerns
    On Business Matters we’re joined throughout the programme by Andy Uhler, from our partner programme Marketplace, along with Shuli Ren from Bloomberg in Hong Kong. Claudia Sahm, a former Federal Reserve and White House economist, shares her thoughts regarding the weakening of global currencies against the US dollar. How are the markets reacting to the currency fluctuations? Peter Jankowskis from Arbor Financial tells us. The BBC's Thomas Nandi explains why Ghana is also struggling against the US dollar. ''Swift and severe'': that's how President Joe Biden's spokeswoman, Karine Jean-Pierre describes additional sanctions from the US against Russia as the country considers annexing extra territory in Ukraine. The UK has also unleashed further sanctions targeted towards the organisers of self-styled 'referendums' asking Ukrainians in occupied territories if they support joining Russia. The Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, talks tough against Iran following the death of a young woman in police custody ten days ago which has triggered large scale demonstrations. NASA completes one of the world's most daring space missions. We’re joined by former space agency employee Keith Cowing. The BBC's Laura Heighton-Ginns meets domestic workers who escaped modern slavery as she digs deeper into the exploitation and abuse of domestic workers overseas. Alex Serdiuk, CEO of the Ukraine AI firm Respeecher, tells us how they managed to close one of the most well-known characters in movie history, Darth Vader. (Picture: The US dollar and British pound. Credit: Getty Images).
  • Global markets stall after troubled week
    It began with a historic hike from the Federal Reserve, and ended with a major economic policy reset in the UK. Between that, other central banks have followed the Fed's course, and currencies around the globe have been rocked. Interest rates, inflation and insecurity have defined the last five days - a tumultuous week in global affairs. On Business Matters we discuss the effect it's having on markets and business confidence. Peter Jankovskis of Arbor Financial Services joins us from Illinois; and from Malaysia, Jessica Khine. Business coach Becky Candy tells us what it's like for ordinary companies in Britain, while US professor David Blanchflower reacts to today's 'mini budget' in Westminster. As more Asian countries continue to relax their Covid travel rules, we also explore how Japan is attempting to reinvigorate its tourism trade. (Picture: The UK Chancellor, Kwasi Kwarteng. Credit: Getty Images).

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Nachrichten aus der internationalen Geschäftswelt, mit Livegästen und Specials über Asien und die USA.


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