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  • Ups and Downs: Big Air
    Big Air Skiing will make its Olympic debut in 2022. Everything about the format, venue and competitors point to an event high in airtime and consequences. Medals can be won in mere seconds, but below the scary stunts lie life lessons about patience and personal growth.Olympic medalist Nick Goepper is joined by sit skiers Josh Dueck and Jay Rawe to explore why they fell in love with big jumps, no matter the cost.Join Host Lauren Shehadi on Season 3 of The Podium from NBC Sports.
  • Shooting for Gold: Winter's Last Frontier
    Biathlon is a fan-filled, high-drama and celebrity-making sport, just not in the US. And yet Amercian biathletes are etching their way into the competitive landscape abroad with every rifle shot and ski stroke.  Lowell Bailey, director of high performance at US Biathlon and current competitor Clare Egan take contrast their stateside and European realities and give us insight into the last winter olympic sport their nation has yet to medal in. Join host Lauren Shehadi on season 3 of The Podium from NBC Sports.
  • Broomgate: Curling Innovators
    In the mid 2010s Curling, both Hardline Curling and American Olympic medalist curler John Shuster were facing a huge challenge from the powers governing this centuries-old sport. Hardline had come up with a controversial and revolutionary sweeping pad and Shuster has been dropped by USA Curling.  Their next moves would have lasting impacts on the game you'll see in February.Both join host Lauren Shehadi to share their stories of early success, tumult and vindication in a time known as "broomgate".  Listen to Season 3 of NBC Sports' The Podium.   
  • Outsiders Outside: Minorities on the Slopes
    Only 1.8% of US ski area users are black, leaving minority skiers and snowboarders with little representation at the top levels of the sport. Andre Horton, the first able-bodies black skier on the US Ski Team and Brian Rice, the first black snowboarder to be sponsored by a major US ski resort, join host Lauren Shehadi to discuss the experience of being a rarity in the lift line, the vibrant and supportive community they discovered within black ski culture and the pipeline for putting more minorities in the mountains and on the podium.
  • Degrees of Separation: Spin it to Win it
    Quadruples are the culmination of generations of figure skating and snowboarding progress. Axels or Corks, these maneuvers defy what was thought possible for Olympic athletes. On this episode on The Podium, we explore the dizzying abilities required of modern competitors and the ramifications on artistry and injury. Vincent Zhou was the skater first to land a quad lutz at the games and shares his journey  with Marcus Kleveland, the youngest snowboarder to land a quadruple cork to understand the biggest move in Beijing. Listen to Season 3 of NBC Sports' The Podium hosted by Lauren Shehadi.

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