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  • Theranos and Silicon Valley
    What does the conviction of Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes tell us about tech startup culture? The BBC's James Clayton is joined by NPR tech reporter Bobby Allyn to ask if any lessons are being learned by Silicon Valley, where startups are encouraged to promise world-changing technology, and investors demand sky-high valuations. We discuss the impact of the Theranos scandal with one of the whistleblowers involved, the venture capital companies funding exciting new tech companies, and the biotech startups who say blood testing technology still has a bright future. (Photo: Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes arriving in court in November, Credit: Getty Images)
  • The return of CES
    The major tech show returns to Las Vegas after going virtual during the pandemic. But as the impact of the coronavirus continues to be felt, is there still a place for major industry events like these? Chris Fox speaks to CES organiser Karen Chupka, and to some of the hundreds of startups exhibiting at the show. The BBC's Lara Lewington discusses some of her favourite gadgets at the event, and Spencer Kelly tries out a taxi service made up of remote controlled cars. (Photo: CES show in Las Vegas, Credit: Getty Images)
  • Tech predictions for 2022
    The BBC tech team on what we'll all be talking about over the next 12 months. Featuring Silicon Valley correspondent James Clayton on why Web 3.0 will be the buzzword of 2022, technology editor Zoe Kleinman on tech to fight climate change, plus what the new year will hold for AR and VR hardware, cryptocurrency and regulation, the new space race, and the future for Mark Zuckerberg. Presented by Joe Tidy with Jane Wakefield.
  • Tech Tent quiz of the year 2021
    What better way to review the big tech stories of 2021 than with a battle of wits? Chris Fox tests the finest minds in tech journalism on the biggest events in tech over the last 12 months. Featuring Rhiannon Williams, technology correspondent from the i Newspaper, Shona Ghosh, technology editor at Business Insider, and BBC tech reporters David Molloy and James Clayton.
  • The UK's plan to rein in big tech
    Politicians in the UK push forward plans for new laws to regulate social media and the tech giants. It’s designed to protect children from harmful content and stop disinformation, but will it work? Plus the company launching a satellite that can track the amount of heat being lost from factories and houses around the world. Could it help us become more energy efficient and fight climate change? And the women using technology to fight harrassment - how phone and smart watch apps are being used to help women feel safer on the streets.

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