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Living Planet | Deutsche Welle

Living Planet | Deutsche Welle

Podcast Living Planet | Deutsche Welle
Podcast Living Planet | Deutsche Welle

Living Planet | Deutsche Welle


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  • Is it time to end biofuels?
    As energy prices go sky-high this winter, any source of affordable energy may seem like a welcome reprieve. But does it make sense to be growing crops for fuel that could otherwise be food? This is the conundrum of biofuels. Today on Living Planet, we travel to the US, Kenya and Germany to explore biofuels – how they came about, their promises and drawbacks, and why it is we're still using them.
  • Planting the seeds of change
    As the dust settles on COP27 climate talks in Egypt, we reflect on what was and what wasn't achieved to help the world avert catastrophic warming. But as we hear from people living in South Africa's coal belt — we’re not just headed for a world made worse by burning fossil fuels, we're living in one. And we meet the seed savers taking matters into their own hands — one tasty bean at a time.
  • Climate justice: Who’s gonna pay for climate change?
    In this special episode, five experts talk about how the world might pay for the harm that's been inflicted on poorer nations by burning fossil fuels. Director of the Loss & Damage Youth Coalition Ineza Umuhozo Grace, climate economist Gernot Wagner, the Dominican Republic's Vice Minister of Climate Change Milagros De Camps, and two International Red Cross representatives share their insights.
  • Headed in the wrong direction
    What responsibility do rich, high-emitting countries have towards poorer, low-emitting countries? And will western citizens commit to coughing up for the climate crisis? As the world gathers in Egypt to hash out a plan to limit warming, we ask some important questions in today's show. Plus, how Cameroon is faring amid the energy crisis and what it means to ignore climate change when city-building.
  • Where there's smoke...
    This week on Living Planet, we're tackling fire and ice. As wildfires get worse in a warming world, we venture to the Western United States to hear what it's like to live with this smoky season every year. And ahead of the annual UN climate conference, we speak to Arctic ecologist, Sue Natali, about thawing permafrost and just how much it has in store for climate change.

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