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Pardon My Take

Podcast Pardon My Take
Podcast Pardon My Take

Pardon My Take


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  • Broncos HC Nathaniel Hackett, Grit Week Recap And Denver Airport Review + Mt Rushmore Of Candy
    The boys climbed Everest (equivalent) (00:03:09-00:04:28). Grit week has to come an end and we recap an awesome week in Colorado (00:04:28-00:11:11). Fyre Fest of the week (00:11:11-00:25:13). Broncos Head Coach Nathaniel Hackett joins the show to talk about his incredible path to Denver, Blake Bortles, the key to offense and his love of Star Wars (00:25:13-00:54:30). Denver Airport review (00:55:45-01:16:53) and we finish with Mt Rushmore of Candy (01:16:53-01:32:04)
  • Jake Plummer Live From His Mushroom Farm, Hard Knocks, Grit Week Midweek Recap + Mt Rushmore Of Universally Loved Things
    Hard Knocks is back and Dan Campbell is the absolute best. We recap Hard Knocks and talk about Grit Week 3 days in (00;02;55-00;18;42). Kevin Durant wants everyone fired and Roquan Smith notes app’d the Bears (00;18;42-00;29;16) . Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Beth Mowins game being done and Colin Cowherd still pretending to not know who we are (00;29;16-00;52;41). Jake Plummer joins the show live from his mushroom farm and we talk about his career in the NFL, being 100 seconds away from a national title at ASU, Pat Tillman and his mushroom farm and growing business (00;52;41-01;48;14). We finish with Mt Rushmore of universally loved things (01;48;14-02;11;08)
  • Aaron Rodgers, Grit Week 2022 + Mt Rushmore Of NFL Coaches You Want On Your Side In A Fight
    We got him. Aaron Rodgers on the pod. Welcome to Grit Week 2022. The boys are in Colorado dealing with oxygen deprivation and catch up on travels and Pete Rose having himself a day (00;03;33-00;17;29). Who’s back of the week (00;17;29-00;34;15). 4X MVP and possibly one time felon Aaron Rodgers joins the show live from Green Bay, we talk about how he should be in prison, the time he almost quit football before college, his tormenting of Big Cat, the “I fucking own you” moment, playoff failures and smashing the Bears every year and tons more (00;34;15-01;26;03). We finish with Mt Rushmore of NFL Coaches you’d want on your team if you were in a fight (01;26;03-01;49;58).
  • NFL Preview With Comedian Stavros Halkias, Football Is Back, Mt Rushmore Of Breakups, Fyre Fest Of The Week
    Football is back and so is Mark Davis who dominated wings in everyone's face in Canton (00:00:49-00:04:44). We have a fake technical issue and then talk Vin Scully and Billy got dunked on playing pickup basketball (00:04:44-00:25:18). Comedian Stavros Halkias joins the show to break down the 2022 NFL Season based purely on how well the quarterbacks and coaches of each team fuck (00:25:18-01:21:27), we then do Mt Rushmore of breakups (01:21:27-01:45:46). We finish with Fyre Fest of the week (01:45:46-02:04:34:04).
  • Cincinnati Head Coach Luke Fickell, MLB Trade Deadline, NFL Suspensions + Mt Rushmore Of Fruit
    MLB Trade Deadline happened and Juan Soto is now a Padre after a blockbuster deal (00:03:35-00:19:17). Deshaun Watson was suspended and the Dolphins lost draft picks for tampering (00:19:17-00:37:05). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including a deep dive on Batgirl and we introduce our new Producer Max from Philly (00:37:05-01:10:12). Cincinnati Head Coach Luke Fickell joins the show to talk about his incredible 2021, being Mike Vrabel's roommate at OSU, recruiting in today's CFB era, Football and more (01:10:12-01:45:48). We finish with the Mt Rushmore of Fruit (01:45:48-02:13:00)

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