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History of Westeros

Podcast History of Westeros
Podcast History of Westeros

History of Westeros


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  • Valar Rereadis: TWOIAF - The Free City of Lys
    Valyrian connections past & present, Varys, Salladhor Saan and his ancestors, the Black Swan and Coryanne Wylde, Saera Targaryen, the Rogares, Lynesse Hightower. Find out why Lys is a lot like the Valyrian mafia, and whether Dany/Tyrion will go there. Bonus Eps & More - Shirts & Stickers - Nina: Sean's YouTube:
  • TWOW Audio Dramatization - Victarion I
    A production of Victarion I from The Winds of Winter. GRRM says it begins "five minutes after the end of ADWD" Voice acting, sound effects, music... all that good stuff. Credits: Victarion: Jordan Alexander Wulfe One-Ear: K.W. Dent Longwater Pyke: Kris Johnson the Boy: Javi Marcos the Bastard’s Bastard: Bill S Moqorro: Dom Tartaglia Narrator: Aziz Producer: Ash Music and Sound Design: Alex Carmichael Audio Engineering: Ben Anderson aka the Bengineer And of course, GRRM for writing this wonderful series.
  • Valar Rereadis: TWOIAF - Dragonstone
    A castle built into a volcano with many secrets yet to uncover. From the tunnels and Targaryen tombs, to the Painted Table to the territory it controls. The various rulers from Stannis to Aegon to Aenar the Exile, and why it was chosen by the Freehold. As usual we consider what might be next, for example what will happen when Daenerys goes there? It will be our first time with a POV with access to the hidden inner places. Bonus Eps & More - Shirts & Stickers - Nina: Sean's YouTube:
  • Fire & Blood: Dragons (2019)
    Edited audio from the livestream on Feb 12th 2019. Ashaya and Aziz betray humanity to take the side of the firebreathing reptiles! Shame. Shame. Support History of Westeros: Flick Invite Link (PHONE ONLY): Discord Invite Link: Facebook group: YouTube:
  • Valar Rereadis: TWOIAF - Ib w/ Grey Waste Tim
    With guest Grey Waste Tim we discuss the biggest power in the Shivering Sea: Ibben. From the fall of their God-Kings, wars with Sarnor and the Dothraki, and exploring regions that Westeros knows little to nothing of, there's a lot to say about these secretive yet frequently seen people. Included are discussions on the influence of Tolkien, Lovecraft and IRL Neanderthals.   Grey Waste Tim YouTube: Bonus Eps & More - Shirts & Stickers - Nina: Sean's YouTube:

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History of Westeros

History of Westeros

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