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  • Mini - Breaking Free from the Comfort Zone: Embracing Change in the Workplace
    In this episode, we explore the concept of stepping outside of our "Work Safety Comfort Zone." Our guest speaker, inspired by the writing of Philip K. Dick, presents a thought-provoking and humorous speech encouraging listeners to challenge themselves and embrace change in the workplace. From breaking free from constraints and regulations to discovering new talents and skills, this speech inspires listeners to take a leap of faith and embrace the unknown. So, tune in for a fun and insightful journey as we explore the benefits of breaking free from the comfort zone.
  • Learning Teams with Jeff, Brent and Brent
    Today we take a deep dive into Learning Teams with Jeff, Brent and Brent. You might a little surprised on what they have to say!
  • Mini - Let's Check In On You
    Sometimes we need to take a moment to check on ourselves. Let's do that today!
  • Why Learning From Accidents Does Little TO Improve Safety with Erik Hollnagel
    Today's episode is a special one! We get to listen to a presentation from one of the pioneers of our industry. Sit back and relax and listen to what Erik Hollnagel has to say on The Jay Allen Show.
  • Mini - How Do You Do Investigations?
    Today is the day that we ask questions about investigations.

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