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  • 422: Third-Party Rocket
    Longtime Twitter users are cast into mourning as Twitter cuts off API access for third-party clients. Many of those apps are beloved by Twitter's power users and built the site that we know and love — love? Is that the right word? — today. Then, furor online over the reveal that CNET has long been using AI to write select financial articles, and that over half those articles had factual errors. How does something like this happen? Finally, two of Rocket's favorite scamsters are making big comebacks.
  • 421: Christina in Russian
    In an action-packed show, we're talking about the REVIVAL OF THE HOMEPOD. Yes folks, she's BACK and she's ready to woof. The Mac Mini is also here, and Christina has a very compelling case for its existence. Meanwhile, Logan Paul has apologized to a popular YouTuber for calling him a liar and a criminal! But it's not all good news for his CryptoZoo… schemes. For dessert, a Forbes 30 Under 30 alum takes on JP Morgan Chase. And not in a good way.
  • 420: Make Transportation Sexy Again
    The FAA has had a massive outage, and there are rumors about a design change that would make MacBooks — and maybe iMacs? — incredibly exciting. Plus, what's up with Logan Paul's second alleged crypto pump-and-dump? SERIOUSLY?
  • 419: BEST and WORST of 2022!
    We're all BACK on the hot mic and talking about our best and worst scams, products, and purchases of 2022. Who still has a LastPass subscription? Who believes in FTX? Who loves to throw money down the Apple well? You'll find it all out here, in the awards show that has, possibly, our MOST unanimous nominations EVER.
    CLIP SHOW. Are there any two words that bring more joy to listener's hearts? That's right, this week, you'll be finding out how right (or wrong) we were about the Musk acquisition of Twitter by revisiting previous predictions. Plus, we revisit our exclusive interview with Bug from Spooky Games. Because Brianna will not rest until you buy Halloween too.

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