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Relay FM - Reconcilable Differences

Relay FM - Reconcilable Differences

Podcast Relay FM - Reconcilable Differences
Podcast Relay FM - Reconcilable Differences

Relay FM - Reconcilable Differences


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  • 196: Less Talk, More Squawk
    Things kick off with a quick look at the recent TicketMaster dustup. Merlin shares what a "news peg" is, and John has simple ideas for avoiding unnecessary logjams on the web. As a main topic. upon Merlin's request, John generously provides a tour of his app, [**SwitchGlass**]( We learn what itch John was scratching and how SwitchGlass differs from various other rows of icons on your Mac. In the members-only bonus show, the guys talk about, you know. Twitter. You can [sign up today]( to hear all the member episodes, get more bonus stuff, and, yes, support our program. (_Recorded on Tuesday, November 15, 2022_)
  • 195: Sloppy Focus
    MastodonThings kick off with about ten minutes of very useful nail clipper talk. Up next, lots of good listener Follow-Up on the origins of CSS color names, how to pause a TikTok with your meat fingers, plus revealing some scalable methods for finding free money from the government. Next, comes some FU on Lifestreams that somehow kind of becomes the basis for the rest of the episode. How can we track the stuff that's valuable to us—but also provide the specificity and context needed to annotate that data in a way that makes it *actionable*? Then, of course, you wonder about the privacy implications of living in a panopticon. Sure isn't working out too great for the Uyghurs. *Won't somebody please think of the children?* The digital divide is real, but you may not realize how real until you watch someone else use a computer. Secret gestures, powerful browser plug-ins, and even general internet hygiene are still anything but evenly distributed. Finally, John shows Merlin how to fix his notifications even as he continues to refuse a very generous job offer. (*Recorded Thursday, November 3, 2022*)
  • 194: Hard Four
    Things kick off with John's strident observation of pre-show hygiene, and Merlin struggles to know his Targaryens from his Velaryons and his Valyrians. Merlin has a *lot* of problem with twins, and John mourns this new generation's lack of respect for proper media queuing. As ever, Merlin's demos are the worst. There's some brief confusion about 80s music, and, even though he's drop-tuned, Merlin plays John a nice "`FMaj7`" chord. John *claims* to have no interest in Merlin making him a mixtape. In Follow-Up, John interrogates Merlin about a new domain name. John pushes some commits to Merlin, as various tool tip options are workshopped in real time lol. Merlin offers John a prestigious new position, because he's got a **bunch** of computer problems to put him on. John demurs. John has been looking into the unclaimed property of Massachusetts, but Merlin always assumes everything like this is some kind of jam-up. This somehow leads to a surprisingly deep discussion of Letterboxd and the inevitable return of the evergreen topic of ratings and reviews. John and Merlin do not want to host their own email. In the (101 minute!) members-only bonus show, John has real-time Letterboxd homework for Merlin, and your hosts consider what it will be like to pick through their digital lives after they die. And, finally, yes: John has *even more* updates on his seemingly endless journey towards "home improvement." Remember, you can [sign up today]( to hear all the member episodes, get more bonus stuff, and, yes, support our program. (_Recorded on Tuesday, October 18, 2022_)
  • 193: The Wrong Helen
    Things kick off with an ambitious proposal to recognize outstanding work by team members and keep the relationship fresh. After ticking an item off of his "`queue`," John leads a nominally rapid-fire round highlighted by a controversial new Secret Weird Things People Do. Things wrap with a provocative Dog Update in which John leverages the love of a British TV show to re-home a new friend with Merlin's family. Merlin identifies the wrong Helen. (_Recorded on Tuesday, October 4, 2022_)
  • 192: The End Table is Not Your Enemy
    John has concerns about why his fans are spinning up, and Merlin interrogates his recent obsession with the previous vice president. The main topic this week concerns a question that's been banging around in Merlin's brain forever: *is John inoculated against stress?* Once the usual arguments about wording and meaning have been (mostly) settled, numerous angles are explored. Including an exploration of one of life's thorniest differences to reconcile: how much can I be "how I am" with other people? In our (85-minute!) members-only bonus show, John has updates on his "home improvement" projects. [This is a good one] Remember, you can [sign up today]( to hear all the member episodes, get more bonus stuff, and, yes, support our program. (_Recorded on Tuesday, September 20, 2022_)

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