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Relay FM - Reconcilable Differences

Relay FM - Reconcilable Differences

Podcast Relay FM - Reconcilable Differences
Podcast Relay FM - Reconcilable Differences

Relay FM - Reconcilable Differences


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  • 173: The Chicken Project
    John opens with a question, and Merlin admits to thinking about John in the morning. This leads to some U2 content and quick look at Disney's _Encanto_. In follow-up, John shares some updates on his freezer situation and implies that he still plans to talk about his body soon. This week's main topic concerns Merlin's Wisdom Project.
  • 172: First, Make a Hole
    Your hosts discuss John’s new freezer.
  • 171: Time Off
    Things kick off with Merlin's ongoing confusion about the role of the pre-flight. Merlin thinks John is being kind of terse, and John almost quotes what The Wolf said—and, yet, he somehow remembers exactly what model of car The Wolf drove. Then, there's a fair amount of talk about old Apple keyboards. Merlin abuses his relationship with John to get some tech support. In follow-up, John takes an unprecedented third crack at explaining _security through obscurity_. John can't even imagine ever sharing his screen, and Merlin bemoans the normalization of terrible security practices. In something like the opposite of nostalgia, your hosts remember their "college ID numbers." In the main topic, Merlin finally took a *real* vacation.
  • 170: Overton Shame Window
    In follow-up, your hosts fix a couple errors, then complain about restaurant delivery apps and label makers. The hammer drill is considered and demoed. As a main topic, your hosts discuss the future of gender. (*Episode recorded Tuesday, November 16, 2021*)
  • 169: Open Up the Frog
    Following an accidental pre-show, John bans clapping, and Merlin announces he doesn't want to run a store. In an epic mini-topic, John addresses how he deals with safely getting rid of old media. The answers will *not* surprise you. Next, Merlin has questions about lawn signs. Frank Chu is remembered. The main topic is _Lifestreams_. What were they, and why have you never heard of them? (_Recorded on Tuesday, November 2, 2021_)

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Relay FM - Reconcilable Differences

Relay FM - Reconcilable Differences

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