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  • Roboism 62: Get Those Yums
    Alex and Kathy talked in December about Twitter. Hindsight sure is an interesting thing. They also celebrate no San Francisco Murder Bots, mourn the loss of the Mars Rover, and look forward to what might come next for the social Internet.
  • Upgrade 444: Greg
    This is the episode where our brains break as we try to process wild rumors of folding iPads and Siri-driven VR app development. Also, proving the raw interactive power of, Myke hears from many listeners about why they choose to use the 16-inch MacBook Pro. Jason, meanwhile seems to hate plants.
  • Mac Power Users 677: Software Club: Fantastical
    In this episode of the Software Club, David and Stephen talk about Fantastical and how it compares to Apple's default Calendar application. Michael Simmons then joins them to discuss Fantastical's history and the changes he's seen in the Apple software ecosystem over the years.
  • Material 396: Google's Horrible, No Good Week
    Yet again, Flo is out sick this week. But thankfully, we have Andy to hold down the fort and explain why it's been an alarming week for Google. First, there were massive layoffs, with news that resonated through the zeitgeist. And then, the US Department of Justice came down with the antitrust banhammer. What will happen to Google next?
  • Automators 120: Looking at Launchers
    Rose and David spent some time looking at Raycast, the latest Mac launcher to arrive on the market, and compare it to their current favorite launcher, Alfred.

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