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Podcast Radio Hour

Podcast Radio Hour

Podcast Podcast Radio Hour
Podcast Podcast Radio Hour

Podcast Radio Hour


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  • Children's Podcasts with Chrystal Genesis
    Chris Pearson and Chrystal Genesis with podcasts for young ears. Molly Bloom discusses the debate show Smash Boom Best, and tells us why it's important to introduce children to debating at an early age. And Rebecca Sheir talks about her global storytelling podcast Circle Round, which introduces children to stories from around the world. Plus we'll hear clips from But Why? Kids Law Million Bazillion CBeebies Radio Podcast The Story Seeds Podcast
  • BBC Sounds Audio Lab
    Podcast Radio Hour showcases new podcasts from the 2022 Class of BBC Sounds Audio Lab, and meets the six audio creatives who have bought their innovative ideas to BBC Sounds. Talia Randall discusses the urban nature series 'Blossom Trees and Burnt-Out Cars' Hamza Salmi talks about the series profiling someone described as 'the Forrest Gump of black power in the UK' - 'Who Was Michael X?' Adam Zmith takes us back to the early 20th century for a reality that didn't quite happen 'The Film We Can't See' Hanna Adan curates a sonic museum tour- 'The Museum of Bad Vibes' Tomi Dixon discusses the series charting the life stories of influential Britons of colour, 'Colouring In Britain'. And Jade Scott presses play on an audio mixtape contemplating the messier aspects of human experience, 'The Reset' Plus the BBC Sounds Audio Lab Commissioning Executive Khaliq Meer reflects on the programme as a whole, and discusses what's next for Audio Lab.
  • Health and Wellbeing with Isy Suttie
    Laura Grimshaw and Isy Suttie present podcasts on living with chronic illnesses, with a focus on bladder and bowel issues, periods and endometriosis, migraines and joint and back pain, and chronic fatigue, ME, and fibromyalgia.
  • Gaming Podcasts with Ellie Gibson
    The video game journalist and co-host of the Scummy Mummies podcast Ellie Gibson joins Chris Pearson for gaming podcast picks. Lauren Kaye discusses her podcast 'She Plays Games', which aims to showcase and highlight women working behind the scenes in video game development. Plus, we'll hear clips from Safe Space History Respawned The Back Page Sound of Gaming The Psychology of Video Games Podcast The Knowledge Project - episode interviewing Jane McGonigal Game Till Five Not Your Mama's Gamer
  • Bitesize Listening
    Shivani Dave joins Chris Pearson to recommend a selection of bitesize podcasts. Arielle Free tells us about her short documentary series, The Rise and Fall of T in the Park. Plus we hear clips from Mercury: A Broadcast Of Hope Poem-a-Day Nipe Story Probably True Anthems My Life in the Mosh of Ghosts Sliced Bread Short & Curly 5 Minutes On The Savvy Psychologist's Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Mental Health If you have recommendations, do send us an email to [email protected]

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