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  • You Are In Your Own Way | BMS EP 218
    On this week's episode of the Big Money Stylist Podcast, NBR® Educator Sarah Stephenson welcomes Licensed NBR® Artist Heather Ferrante onto the show! If you’re a Hairstylist, I want you to think back to when you first started. What made you decide to do hair? I bet you didn't decide to do hair to just be a slave behind the chair. That much is probably safe to assume. There is something SO empowering about going straight into the Academy from hair school. The biggest perk, you don’t have to go through all the bad habit-breaking things that are the hardest part. Not all of us get that privilege though, we have bad habits to break. We work long hours, we take all the clients, and we typically don’t have the greatest boundaries IF we have any at all. The biggest thing that is going to help you is making sure that you have a tribe behind your back and really helping youth succeed. Coming together as a tribe is one way to grow SO FAST... You want to surround yourself with people that are like you, people like are going to help lift you up & really help you to achieve those goals you’ve set for yourself. If you're ready to get out of your own way and be supported by the NBR® Tribe, then it's time to join us in education! Join the NBR® Online Course to dip your toe in the NBR® water OR jump all in with DKW® Styling Academy! Regardless, we're here to empower you. NBR® Online Course: DKW® Styling Academy:
  • Success Equals Freedom | BMS EP 217
    On this episode of the BMS® Podcast, Danielle welcomes NBR® Educator Julia Ward onto the show!   When you are working in mom mode, you have to rewire your brain so that you can get it all done.    You are taught when you first get into the hair industry that you need to dive right in & work yourself to death practically.    Being a slave behind the chair is SO common in the hair industry.    We might look like we have it all, but we are wrapped up in more of the IDEA of success but we aren’t doing the things that matter.    You want to be able to clearly communicate to your guests so that you both WIN.    Hearing all the success stories is what is going to change the game for us.    We define success as having a full salon. When you actually do your numbers & realize how exhausted you are, is that really worth it? We need to start working smarter, not harder.  Freedom is really the end goal.  Freedom is what success really is.    If you feel like you’re doing the work, but you don’t have the results to show for it, then you’re just BUSY, you’re not actually doing the work.    Ready to get the results you’re looking for with the support of the NBR® Tribe?   Then it’s time you join DKW® Styling Academy!   Tried and true business coaching and extension education that’s been proven to work time and time again.   By joining The Academy you can be certain that your investment in yourself will pay off with our tuition-back guarantee!    Apply to The Academy here:  
  • It’s Time To Leap | BMS EP 216
    On this episode of the BMS® Podcast, NBR® Educator Sarah Stephenson welcomes DKW® Styling Student Grace Johnson onto the show to talk about her journey as a hairstylist.   Grace started her NBR® Journey in Mastermind, but in July of 2022, she decided it was time to join DKW® Styling Academy.   Currently, Grace is the fastest student to move through The Academy, and is determined to accept her Licensed Artist Plaque at Academy Convention this April!   Listen to Grace's story as she talks about burnout and how she used to work Monday - Saturday and struggled with and mom guilt, putting herself first, and her relationships.   As hairstylists, we are consistently taking care of others!   We don't put ourselves first and by the time we get home to our families, we're exhausted. Tune in to be inspired by Grace's story to put yourself first and invest in yourself.   It’s never been just about pretty hair.   NBR® Education and The Academy is about you!   Your goals.    Your dreams.    Your empowerment.   Join us at DKW® Academy Convention and learn not only the art of Natural Beaded Rows® but also step into a new season of you and learn how to take your business to the next level.
  • Be Inspired to Empower Others | BMS | EP 215
    On this episode of the BMS® Podcast, NBR® Danielle welcomes DKW® Styling Student Mycha Spencer onto the show to talk about her journey.   Mycha began her NBR® Journey at an NBR® Virtual Experience in March of 2022 and now we are getting ready to celebrate her as a Licensed Artist at Academy Convention in April.   Sharing your story is empowering to others, whether you believe that or not.   We totally get it, life gets in the way.   BUT - to be honest, there will be moments when you want to start looking for MORE.   Whatever it is, whatever stage of life you are in, you are always going to feel like there is something MORE out there for you.   That is growth.   Being able to share that story & journey with someone could impact their life.   It could give them the exact push they needed to make the jump they have been wanting to make.   Your story is inspiring!   When you are ready to do something different, you just have to jump right in.   Sometimes you want to reach out & get advice, just to get reassurance that you’re doing the right thing.   Having a community & tribe of people that have your back is SO important.   The thing about the Academy is that it is NOTHING like anything you have ever done.   There are going to be requirements, there is going to be WORK that you have to put in.   There are going to be moments when you ask yourself why you joined in the first place.   Because at the end of the day, growth Is hard. And it's uncomfortable at times!   But we're here to be your accountability partner.   The NBR® Team and Tribe are here to make YOU better. Together, we are here to give you the tools to change your life & that takes EFFORT.   When you have the least amount of time, that is when things come into your life that you need the most and you MAKE the time.   You really don’t realize that capacity that you have until you put yourself in a position that is going to push you.   Time becomes so much more valuable & precious.   It's easier to buy a program, BUT what sets The Academy apart from other companies, is that each team member wants to see you be the best version of yourself through the hard times.   And each member of the Tribe wants to empower you!   And at the same time, we are here to help & support you.   To teach you the tools and art of NBR®.   To support you each step along the way.   To push you when it just feels like too much.   BUT, it's ultimately up to you.   The confidence that you gain as a person each time you choose growth is empowering and life changing!   You want to be able to have success AND the time to do the things that you love.   So choose how you spend your time wisely, and more importantly choose who you spend your time with!   It’s time for you to join the NBR® Tribe and step into your power.   Step into a new season of growth.   And you’ll find that you are on a path towards not only becoming a better Artist but becoming a better parent, partner, sibling, and friend.   It’s never been about just pretty hair.   NBR® Education and The Academy is about you!   Your goals. Your dreams. Your empowerment.   Join us at DKW® Academy Convention and learn not only the art of Natural Beaded Rows® but also step into a new season of you and learn how to take your business to the next level. Get your ticket today before it's too late!
  • Room For Growth | BMS | EP 214
    How do you feel when someone asks you how long you’ve been doing hair? Whether you have been doing hair for a long time or you just graduated, how does it make you feel?    There are 2 types of people in the world: People that feel like they've learned it all, and people that feel like there is always something to learn.    If you’re the kind of person that feels like they can always improve & there is always something to learn, you want to make sure that when you are looking into furthering your education, you do your homework.    Is NBR the easiest thing to learn? Absolutely not. Did you know that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert? So do you want to get a certification, or do you want to be an expert? Nothing that is worth having is easy to get.    From our point of view, with continued education, we want to make sure that you are getting the very best for yourself. That you have all the tools you need to be the best version of yourself.    YOU are in charge of your own future.    It might be scary, but you know what they say, DO IT SCARED!!!   When you are building your business, it's really important that you are ALL IN.    SO … If you are not all the way in, you might as well be out.    When you make commitments to yourself, you WILL start to notice a huge shift in your business, but you also will notice a shift inside of yourSELF.    Ready to continue your education with a brand that's known for its Artist's limitless earning potential?   Then its time you joined the NBR® Tribe at DKW® Academy Convention!   Tickets are now $1,500 off through February 16th.   Don't wait, seats are limited!

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