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WW2: War and Words

Podcast WW2: War and Words
Podcast WW2: War and Words

WW2: War and Words


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  • From Hiroshima to Cold War
    The annihilation of Hiroshima ends the war with Japan, but peace brings new enmities and flashpoints: Divided Berlin, Korea, Hungary and Suez. With Jonathan Dimbleby.
  • Burma, Berlin and Belsen
    The Allied advance through Germany recaptures Berlin, but uncovers the atrocities of the Holocaust, as war in the Far East rages on. With Jonathan Dimbleby.
  • Paris Liberated; Allied defeat at Arnhem
    As Paris falls to the Allies and German resistance in Italy falters, the defeat at Arnhem in the Netherlands is a major setback for the Allies. With Jonathan Dimbleby.
  • D-Day and the Liberation of Normandy
    1944’s hush-hush Allied plans to invade occupied France bring success, but hard fighting, as Hitler’s troops are well dug in in Normandy. With Jonathan Dimbleby.
  • Dunkirk and the Fall of Paris
    The German army outflanks the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) and forces the epic retreat of Dunkirk as Paris falls to Hitler’s forces.

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WW2: War and Words

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