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  • Special Release - E056 Steve Bogaerts - When Shit Gets Real
    It's awesome to be able to bring you with the support of XDEEP, another great episode from the Speaking Sidemount Patreon vault.  This episode was the first of two episodes with Steve Bogaerts I did back in 2020 and was originally released as a premium, patron-only episode. The information Steve covers is awesome, so I am pleased to now share it more widely. In this episode, Steve and I discuss the importance of foundational skill development - buoyancy control, trim and stability, pressure test training, and ultimately how to deal with serious issues while diving. We tie it all together as Steve shares his amazing dive to connect Dan and Ralf's Caves in Abaco Bahamas. He recounts how he dealt with having only one partially functioning (free-flowing and wet breathing) regulator as he exited a vertical, mud and clay-filled, no-mount restriction in zero visibility!!  I then ask Steve about his cylinder management for Hypoxic trimix dives and we end with Steve sharing his future plans... Enjoy :)! Image Credit - HP Hartmann
  • E071 - Robin Cuesta - The Caves of Sulawesi
    This episode is brought to you by XDEEP and the patrons of Speaking Sidemount, huge thanks to both for their support.   Robin Cuesta hails from France but has made his home in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, Sulawesi Indonesia. Long known for its brilliant ocean diving, Robin discovered that the region's geology included massive areas of limestone and that all of the water came from underground sources. If you are into cave diving you don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to deduce that there was a strong possibility of Karst or solution caves and Robin set out to discover and explore many flooded caves in Sulawesi and the surrounding islands of Indonesia.   In this episode Robin shares how he got into diving and cave diving, how he moved to Indonesia and the amazing work that he is doing exploring the caves of Sulawesi, we talk about his journey to become a cave instructor, and how cave instructing supplements and enhances his exploration work. And then we get into his collaboration with other cave divers which has helped to grow his own exploration experience and then we share the importance of working with local communities and their leaders to enable Robin's work.   Enjoy, and thanks for your support. Steve
  • E070 Christine Tamburri - "Passion Plus"
    This episode is brought to you with the awesome support of XDEEP and the patrons of Speaking Sidemount. Huge thanks to both, their support makes this podcast possible.   Great to give you Episode #70 Christine Tamburri - "Passion Plus". Christine is a young woman hailing from the US Northeast. She has not been diving long, but as you'll hear, she has developed an exceptional attitude to both her diving and progress as a technical and cave diver. Attitude is one thing but Christine's passion for all things diving is a thing to behold and incredibly compelling, hence my episode title... "Passion Plus"!!   Christine and I get into how she got into diving and sidemount, her cave training with Roger Williams in Mexico, how she prepared for her course and how she came to meet Tom St George resulting in some award-winning cave photographs. We talk about her work with DAN Americas and how badly she suffered from altitude sickness as a test subject for a hyperbaric research project requiring her to live for days at an altitude over 12,000ft (3,658m). We then get into Christine's plans for further diving and training and finish with some advice on how to progress your diving.   Enjoy !! Steve Davis   Thanks to: Christine Tamburri Image credit and thanks - Tom St George Our Sponsor - XDEEP
  • E069 - Prof Simon Mitchell 2 - Gas Density & Other Issues
    This episode is brought to you by XDEEP and the patrons of Speaking Sidemount. Huge thanks to both for their support. In part 2 of my discussion with Prof Simon Mitchell, we get into the negative impact of increased gas density, particularly at depth. We muse on the impact of gas density and CO2 retention with it likely being a factor in dive accidents such as that of David Shaw, and then I get to rant a bit and ask Simon about the benefits of streamlining with respect to work of breathing. From there I ask Simon about the relationship between CO2 and panic relating my thoughts on the relationship between the psychological aspects of an issue in the water and the physiological responses to these stressors. Simon gives some advice for divers in a panic situation and also for rebreather divers faced with a CO2 issue. We hit on some misconceptions or poorly understood areas such as reverse profiles, the issues with multiple deco dives in one day... We talk NDL for recreational divers and what it really means, we chat about free diving after a scuba dive and then Simon shares his extensive experience on applying human factors in the surgical operating theatre and how human factors apply to diving.
  • E068 - Prof Simon Mitchell - A Line Under Deep Stops
    This episode has been produced with the support of XDEEP and the patrons of Speaking Sidemount. Huge thanks to both for their support.   In this episode, I catch up with fellow Kiwi and world-renowned Hyperbaric Physician, Prof Simon Mitchell.   In this, the first of two special episodes with Simon, we discuss his background and how he got into diving medicine, how his service in the Royal New Zealand Navy shaped his career, we reminisce on our military service and then draw a line under the stellar work that Simon has done in synthesising the research and evidence on Deep Stops before we get into other factors that might influence our decompression including PFOs, dehydration, diver temperature, working at depth, and light physical activity while decompressing. Simon is an amazing technical diver in his own right and has a great talent for explaining complex topics in a way that can be easily understood and applied to our diving.   Enjoy Steve

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