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  • James Lovelock, Ayman al-Zawahiri, Roy Hackett MBE, Dame Olivia Newton-John
    Kirsty Lang on James Lovelock (pictured), the scientist and inventor who came up with the Gaia theory. Ayman al-Zawahiri, the leader of the terrorist group Al-Qaeda. Roy Hackett MBE, who led the Bristol bus boycott in 1963. Dame Olivia Newton-John, the singer and actor who starred in Grease. Producer: Emily Finch Interviewed guest: Bryan Appleyard CBE Interviewed guest: Paul Martin Interviewed guest: Lynn Mareno Interviewed guest: Professor Kehinde Andrews Interviewed guest: Holly Thomas Archive clips used: Web of Stories - YouTube channel, James Lovelock - The Gaia Theory (11/17) 17/08/2017; BBC Radio 4, Desert Island Discs - James Lovelock 17/11/1997; AP Archive, USS Cole Attacked 12/10/2000; BBC News, Bombings in New York 11/09/2001; BBC Two, Newsnight - London Bombings 07/07/2005; BBC Radio 4, Six O'clock News 06/10/1981; AP Archive, Muslim Extremists Trial 15/12/1982; PBS News Hour, President George W. Bush - First US strikes in Afghanistan 07/10/2001; CBS News, Biden announces death of Ayman al-Zawahiri 02/08/2022; BBC Ideas, Why I'm still fighting racism at 90 24/01/2019; BBC One, Paul O'Grady's Working Britain 15/08/2013; BBC World Service, Witness - Bristol Bus Boycott 10/10/2019; BBC One, Parkinson - Olivia Newton-John interview 02/12/1978; Paramount Pictures/Robert Stigwood Organisation (RSO)/Allan Carr Production, Grease (Film clip) 1978.
  • Bernard Cribbins OBE (pictured), Diana Kennedy MBE, Sir Colin Blakemore, Nichelle Nichols
    Matthew Bannister on Bernard Cribbins OBE, the much-loved actor known for appearances in The Railway Children and Doctor Who as well as reading countless stories on Jackanory. Diana Kennedy MBE, the British-born food writer who dedicated her life to promoting the diversity of Mexican cuisine. Sir Colin Blakemore, the neuroscientist who received death threats after speaking out in defence of experiments on animals. Nichelle Nichols, the trailblazing African American actor who played Lieutenant Uhura in Star Trek. Producer: Sofie Vilcins Interviewed guest: Jenny Agutter Interviewed guest: Helen Lederer Interviewed guest: Gabriela Cámara Interviewed guest: Fiona Fox Archive clips used: EMI Films, The Railway Children 1970; BBC One, Fawlty Towers - The Hotel Inspectors 10/10/1975; BBC, CBeebies - Storm in a Teacup 05/04/2015; Filmfair, The Wombles - One Pair of Feet 23/02/1973; BBC Radio 4, The Food Programme 30/06/2014; Greenwich Entertainment/Submarine Deluxe, Diana Kennedy - Nothing Fancy 2020; BBC Two, The Mind Machine 13/09/1988; BBC Radio 4, Today 08/11/2011; BBC Radio 4, The Life Scientific - Sir Colin Blakemore 08/11/2011; Desilu Productions/Norway Corporation, Star Trek S02E02 Who Mourns For Adonais 27/04/1970; BBC Radio 4, Archive on 4 - Star Trek, The Undiscovered Future 03/09/2016; BBC Radio 1, Nicky Campbell - Nichelle Nichols interview 31/01/1995; NASA, Recruitment Film 1977; Yap Films, Building Star Trek (TV Movie) 2016.
  • Lord David Trimble (pictured), Susie Steiner, Uwe Seeler
    John Wilson on Lord David Trimble, Northern Irish politician who was an architect of the Good Friday Agreement and won a Nobel Peace Prize. Susie Steiner, a British crime author who shared her experience of living with a brain tumour. Uwe Seeler, captain of the West German football team in 1966 and a hero for his home team of Hamburg. Producer: Sofie Vilcins Interviewed guest: Lord Dean Godson Interviewed guest: Val McDermid Interviewed guest: Alan Mullery MBE Interviewed guest: Derek Rae Archive clips used: British Pathé, 1966 World Cup Final: England vs Germany (Part 1) 1966; BBC Radio 4, Meeting Myself Coming Back - David Trimble 05/03/2017; BBC News Online, Good Friday agreement 10/04/1998; BBC Radio 4, Today - Tony Blair on David Trimble 26/07/2022;, Michelle O'Neill on David Trimble's legacy of leadership 26/07/2022; BBC Radio Ulster, Doug Beattie and Sir Jefferey Donaldson on David Trimble 26/07/2022; BBC Radio 4, Great Lives - Elvis Presley 14/08/2007; Peter James TV / YouTube Channel, Susie Steiner interview 02/01/2018; BBC Radio 4, In Touch, Susie Steiner interview 12/04/2016; BBC Radio 4, Open Book - Susie Steiner interview 24/09/2020; BBC Archive, 1966 World Cup Final 30/07/1966; YouTube, Uwe Seeler scores against England - World Cup 1970; HSV / Hamburger SV YouTube Channel, The Life of Uwe Seeler 22/07/2022; YouTube, HSV Team Tribute in memory of Uwe Seeler.
  • Tony Sirico (pictured), José Eduardo dos Santos, Ann Shulgin, Ivana Trump
    John Wilson on Tony Sirico, the former armed robber turned actor who found fame playing the role of mobster Paulie Walnuts in ground-breaking television series The Sopranos. José Eduardo dos Santos, who ruled Angola as president for 37 years, steering the country through a bloody civil war, and reaping the benefits of an oil boom while being accused of huge levels of corruption. Ann Shulgin, a therapist who pioneered the use of psychedelics and MDMA in therapy together with her chemist husband Sasha. And Ivana Trump, the Czechoslovakian skier and model whose marriage to Donald Trump made her a fixture of tabloid and society pages for decades. Producer: Tim Bano Interviewed guest: Fr Robert Sirico Interviewed guest: Dr Justin Pearce Interviewed guest: Amanda Feilding Interviewed guest: Professor David Nutt Archive clips used: Paramount Pictures, The First Wives Club (1996); American Playhouse, The Big Bang (1989); NBC Today, 20th Anniversary of 'The Sopranos' 10/01/2019; HBO, The Sopranos (1999); Miramax/ Sweetland Films/ Magnolia Production, Bullets Over Broadway (1994); YouTube, Comício José Eduardo dos Santos - Angola 1992 16/09/2010; BBC Sound Archive, Independence celebrations in Angola 11/11/1975; BBC Radio 4, News 23/02/2002; BBC News Archive, Angola vote in first election for 16 years 05/09/2008; BBC Two, Panorama - The Corrupt Billionaire 25/01/2020; Viveka Films, MDMA The Movie - Promo Clip (2016); CBS News, When Ecstasy was legal 1985; gaiamedia/ YouTube channel, Ask the Shulgins 17/03/2014; BBC One, Wogan - Ivana Trump interview 03/06/1992; CBS Sunday Morning, Ivana Trump interview 08/10/2017; BBC Radio 4, Woman's Hour - Ivana Trump interview 03/06/1992; HBO/ Harpo Productions, The Oprah Winfrey Show 25/04/1998; BBC One, Modern Times - The Fame Game 03/01/1996; Del Monte/ Brian Jackson, UK Del Monte pears advert (2014).
  • Shinzo Abe (pictured), Mona Hammond OBE, Lorna de Smidt, Monty Norman
    Kirsty Lang on Shinzo Abe - Japan’s longest-serving prime minister who sought to end a wartime legacy of defeat and occupation and to tackle the economy through ‘Abenomics’. Actor Mona Hammond is best known for her TV role in Eastenders. Lorna de Smidt, the anti-apartheid and anti-racist activist who cut her political teeth in the Black Consciousness Movement in South Africa in the late 1960s. And Monty Norman - Composer and singer who wrote the James Bond main theme and a string of successful musicals as well. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Nakano Koichi Interviewed guest: Dr Kristin Surak Interviewed guest: Michael Buffong Interviewed guest: Graham de Smidt Interviewed guest: Matthew Sweet Archive clips used: BBC News, Report on death of Shinzo Abe, 08/07/2022; BBC Radio 4, The World This Weekend, Votes counted for Japanese election, 29/07/2007; BBC One, Eastenders 25/10/2010; Humphrey Barclay Productions for Channel 4, Desmond's S01E04 26/01/1989; BBC Radio 4, The Archers 28/12/2003; BBC Two, Storm Damage (1989), 23/01/2000; Paramount Pictures/ Albert S. Ruddy Productions/ Alfran Productions, The Godfather Part 1 (1972); BBC Radio 4, News Bulletin19/03/2001; BBC Two Omnibus - Monty Norman interview 17/10/1982.

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