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All Ears English Podcast

Podcast All Ears English Podcast
Podcast All Ears English Podcast

All Ears English Podcast


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5 von 1865
  • AEE 1667: Learn English with Netflix - Should You Binge or Take it Slow?
    Subscribe to the transcripts at   Do you learn English with Netflix or another streaming service? Today find out if you should binge by watching a ton of episodes at once or if you should take it slowly. Which is better for learning! Find out today
  • AEE 1666: Let's Switch Gears! How to Use Car Vocabulary to Talk About Making Changes
    Subscribe to the transcripts at   When you talk about changes in your career, you want to be able to describe a smooth transition. Today learn how to use car vocabulary to describe changes in your career and your life
  • AEE 1665: Cook Up Your Listening Skills for Fast Conversations
    Subscribe to the transcripts at   Do you like cooking? You won't believe how often natives like us talk about this topic! Today Aubrey and Jessica join Lindsay for fast, native conversation that you will definitely be able to have in real life. Listen up so you're ready to connect- whether you can cook or not!
  • AEE 1664: A New Hampshirite and a Marylander on State Identity
    Subscribe to the transcripts at   What is a demonym? Its the word you use to talk abotu someone from a specific state or city. Today learn the most important state demonynms in English so that you can lively conversations about culture and politics with native speakers
  • AEE 1663: Color Idioms for Business English
    Subscribe to the transcripts at   Red light! green light! In today's episode you will find out how native English speakers use color idioms especially those involving the colors red and green in office situations

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