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The Heart

Podcast The Heart
Podcast The Heart

The Heart

Herz, Liebe und O-Ton. Aus diesen Zutaten ist der großartige Podcast "The Heart".
Herz, Liebe und O-Ton. Aus diesen Zutaten ist der großartige Podcast "The Heart".

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  • SISTERS: But Beautiful
    Kaitlin and Natalie try to create boundaries for the first time in their lifelong relationship. They work to navigate their relationship together and separately. As they embark on creating the final episode of this series, they realize they are having fun again.
  • SISTERS: What's Wrong-isode
    We go back in time to before Kaitlin hired Natalie. She brings us inside of her uncertain world, and her journey to figure out what is wrong. TRIGGER WARNING: suicidal ideation, reference to childhood and sexual trauma (no depictions), borderline personality disorder
  • SISTERS: Work-isode
    It’s the pandemic, and KP hires her younger sister to work at her company. As an assistant producer. Natalie is having flashbacks to their youth, when she performed as the butler at Kaitlin’s dinner parties. Is this the new version of the butler role? As they set out to make art together, attempting to do it in a way that doesn’t reinforce old childhood patterns Natalie finally sees who Kaitlin is on a day to day basis. TW: suicidal ideation, depression, anxiety, alcohol.
  • SISTERS: Jem-isode
    Natalie and Kaitlin go into their 20s living separate and faraway lives. Kaitlin comes home from New York for christmas every year, and they hug and talk into the night, falling asleep spooning like they did when they were little girls. Kaitlin makes a grand gesture and buys tickets to go on a special sister adventure: to the Jem and Holograms Convention. What ends up happening at the convention is something neither of them saw coming.
  • SISTERS: Chapter One-isode
    Kaitlin was Daddy’s little girl. And then: Natalie was born. The older and the younger sister: competing for attention, being bossed around, borrowing clothes, getting in petty fights and loving each other anyway. As little girls Kaitlin and Natalie fought because they were too similar. As teenagers Kaitlin and Natalie fought because they were total opposites. What does their adult future hold? Will they be friends or a family obligation? TW: Light reference to abusive parental behaviour. No mentions of physical violence. For resources on parental child abuse go to

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Über The Heart

"The Heart" ist ein Podcast über die Liebe, das Leben, den Körper und Gefühle. Mit vielfältigen und intimen Themen und einem kritischen Blick, widmet sich die Show der wohl wichtigsten Frage der Menschheit: Was ist Liebe?


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