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Learn German by Podcast

Podcast Learn German by Podcast
Podcast Learn German by Podcast

Learn German by Podcast


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  • 20 'Shall we go out this evening?'
    It's often the case that we make suggestions to each other - to go to the cinema, to go out for something to eat, to go for a drink. That's the focus of our discussion in this lesson.
  • 19 Talking about the weather
    A common topic of conversation is the weather. That will be our focus in this lesson. We'll begin with a conversation between Frau Meier and Herr Mueller who are neighbours but who, nonetheless, address each other formally.
  • 18 'What would you like to eat this evening?...'
    In this lesson, Martin and Stefanie are discussing what to eat this evening. The possibilities are endless. Let's consider some of those possibilities in this lesson.
  • 17 'Excuse me... could you recommend a good restaurant, please?...'
    In this lesson, Frau Weber has arrived in Stuttgart. She doesn't know the city, however, and is looking for a good restaurant. She stops a passer-by to ask for a recommendation.
  • 16 A trip to the baker's
    When away on a trip, chances are that you'll pay a visit to a bakery to sample some fine local patisseries. Let's do just that in this lesson. We'll start with a dialogue between the shop assistant and Herr Schmidt.

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