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Podcast Better Life Lab

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  • Crisis Conversations: Essential stories — and essential lessons — from a year in crisis
    In this year-end edition of Crisis Conversations, Brigid and members of the Better Life Lab team reflect on the memorable stories, voices, and lessons learned from COVID-19. And we consider a bold new agenda for work-family justice and gender equity in 2021 and beyond. Host: Brigid Schulte, Director, Better Life Lab at New America Guests: Vicki Shabo, Senior Fellow, Paid Leave Policy and Strategy at Better Life Lab Roselyn Miller, Policy Analyst, Better Life Lab Jahdziah St. Julien, Research Associate, Better Life Lab Emily Hallgren, PhD BLLx Intern, Better Life Lab Stavroula Pabst, PhD Intern, Better Life Lab
  • Crisis Conversations: Setting Working Moms Back a Generation?
    Is the pandemic is setting women back a generation? Without reliable childcare and schools, an unprecedented number of working mothers have been forced to reduce their hours. Or have had to leave the workforce entirely. As Elizabeth Gedmark, vice president of A Better Balance said recently: “It’s not a question of whether women are set back in the workplace. It’s a question of how far back we will go: 10 years, 15 years, 20 years?” What needs to change NOW to staunch the hemorrhaging and help women and their families achieve economic stability? And how can we design systems to ensure equity in the future? Host: Brigid Schulte, Director, Better Life Lab at New America Guests: Bryce Covert, Journalist and author, most recently of "The economy could lose a generation of working mothers" Jessica Calarco, Associate professor of sociology at Indiana University who studies inequalities in family life and education. Her pandemic-related research includes "My husband thinks I’m crazy" and "Let’s not pretend it’s fun" Kari McCracken, Mother of five who was recently pushed out of the workforce and a career she loved because of a lack of childcare
  • Crisis Conversations: A Parents' Movement?
    The United States is an outlier among developed nations when it comes to supporting working families. Unlike other advanced economies, we offer no national public paid family leave, no publicly supported universal childcare, no requirements that employers offer flexible work and schedule control. Researchers and advocates have long lamented we don’t have these policies because the constituents who need them most – parents – are too stressed and busy to organize and demand them. Has COVID-19 changed that?   Host: Brigid Schulte, Director, Better Life Lab at New America Guests: Dasja Reed, Single parent and member of Strolling Thunder  Alissa Quart, Executive Director of the Economic Hardship Reporting Project and author most recently of Daycare slots for babies are vanishing. Now their parents can’t work Justin Ruben, Parent and co-founder of ParentsTogether Tamara Mose, Sociology professor at Brooklyn College, director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the American Sociological Association and author of Raising Brooklyn: Nannies, Childcare and Caribbeans Creating Community  Jennifer Beall Saxton, Parent, Founder and CEO of Tot Squad
  • Crisis Conversations: Will 2020 be the year care becomes a bipartisan issue?
    What role will care and caregiving could play in the 2020 election. Pundits have long insisted that care issues like childcare, elder care and paid and unpaid caregiving are not “bread and butter” economic issues that move voters or swing elections. Will that change in this unprecedented time of COVID-19? Are voters beginning to see that care work is no longer just “women’s work,” but central to a functioning economy? And what difference could that make on Nov. 3? Host: Brigid Schulte, Director, Better Life Lab at New America Guests: Abby McCloskey, Economist, fellow with the Bipartisan Policy Center, and founder of McCloskey Policy LLC. She has advised multiple presidential campaigns, including those of Howard Schultz, Jeb Bush and Rick Perry. She is a member of the AEI-Brookings Bipartisan working group on paid leave. Amanda Brown Lierman, Managing Director, Supermajority, a progressive, membership-based organization that trains women to become effective advocates to build an equitable future for all women, and former political and organizing director for the Democratic National Committee. Roselyn Miller, Better Life Lab policy analyst and author of The Bipartisan Case for Caregiving.
  • Crisis Conversations: Women and Leadership
    Kamala Harris just made history as the first woman of color nominated for national office by a major party. So why, after so much time and money have been spent on diversity initiatives, and on women’s leadership conferences and the like, are there still so few women — particularly women of color — in leadership positions in politics, in academia, and in American business? Join us as women leaders and thinkers share what needs to change to create space for more diverse women leaders, and to enable them to thrive. And why — especially now — that matters so much, for all of us. Host: Brigid Schulte, Director, Better Life Lab at New America Guests:  Laura Morgan Roberts, Professor of Practice at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business and author of Beating the Odds and Race and Leadership: The Black Experience in the Workplace Ilana Fischer,CEO of Whisps, a growing snack company where 100 percent of the C-suite executives are women Adrienne Penta. Managing Director at Brown Brothers Harriman and executive director of the Center for Women & Wealth Toni Irving, Professor of Practice at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business and former executive director of Get IN Chicago, where she led a $45 million social impact fund to reduce gun violence

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