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Babes and Babies

Podcast Babes and Babies
Podcast Babes and Babies

Babes and Babies


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  • EP 237: Zoe's Story with Karmel Garcia: Down Syndrome Awareness Month
    Karmel Garcia is on this episode sharing the story of her 3 year old, Zoe, who was born with Down Syndrome. She takes us from the beginning with a prenatal diagnosis, the birth and through her first three years of life. Karmel started to see a need for families to have therapuetic tools to work with their kids at home and has started Zoe's Tool Box. Non Profit Every baby born with Down syndrome will have their own unique experiences and abilities. Some will have many medical procedures in their first year, and some will be born never spending a day in the hospital.  For any diagnosis the first year is the hardest to navigate, and we are here to be a box of sunshine to those families. Books to check out: You Are Enough Different - A Great Thing to Be What's Inside you, Is Inside Me Too Hannah's Down Syndrome Powers 47 Strings Connect with Liz    
  • EP 236: Postpartum Healing with Ayurvedic Doula, Ameya Duprey
    Ameya Duprey is a postaprtum Ayurvedic doula that helps women achieve true health and balance through simple methods such as specialized Ayurvedic diet, lifestyle, massage, herbs and more. She shares with us what Ayurveda is and how to optimize postpartum healing and recovery. Connect with Ameya Connect with Liz is offering an awesome discount on your first litter boxorder, AND free shipping when you set up an auto-ship Get 50% off your first month plus FREE shipping on ANY crate line with code MAMAS at    
  • EP 235: Authentic Power, Give Yourself Permission to Feel with Ashley Bernardi
    Trauma and post-partum depression survivor, Ashley Bernardi, is on this episode sharing how listeners can own their authentic power and transform the mind, body, and spirit with hope.  Drawing from practical techniques from over 20 healing luminaries plus her own personal story of surviving trauma, Lyme disease, and postpartum depression, Ashley shares the insights she’s gained and her personal story of adversity that taught her the power of prioritizing mental health. She has since authored AUTHENTIC POWER: Give Yourself Permission To Feel  Connect with Ashley Connect with Liz
  • EP 234: Drowning Prevention and Water Safety with Nicole Hughes
    **Trigger Warning: This Episode Contains Details of a Child Loss** Nicole Hughes in on this episode sharing her passion for child water safety.  Nicole lost her 3 year old son to a drowning incident and has since become a huge advocate for sharing valuable, life-saving information.  She is on this episode sharing the story of her son, Levi,  and how we can protect our children.  Connect with Nicole: Connect with Liz
  • EP 233: Friendships, Community, Acceptance and Breakups with Friendship Expert Marisa G Franco
    Dr. Marisa Franco is a psychologist and friendship expert. She identifies as a psychologist for the people as she is passionate about sharing research with the people that it could help the most. Dr. Franco has studied friendship intensively, doing research on friendship all over the world. She is a professor and wrote the book on friends called Platonic.  This episode, we dive into how to help your teens make friends, building community and how to handle friendship break ups. Get the book, Platonic Here Take the Friendship Quiz Connect with Liz Just go to to save on your firstauto-ship order of litter boxes withFREE shipping

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