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Babes and Babies

Podcast Babes and Babies
Podcast Babes and Babies

Babes and Babies


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  • EP190: Social Justice Parenting with Dr. Traci Baxley
    Dr. Baxley is a professor of education (and mother of 5!) who has spent 30 years teaching diversity and inclusion. Dr. Baxley believes that parenting is a form of activism. Engaging in acts of social justice means doing your part to distribute power so everyone has a fair chance to live a full, productive life and it’s something we should all be able to agree on. Learn more about Dr. Baxley: Buy her book: Elizabeth's website: Miraculous Mamas Instagram: Get started with Stitch Fix today by filling out your style quiz at More podcasts at WAVE:
  • EP189: How to Be a Doctor Mom with Dr. Elana Roumell
    Dr. Elana Roumell is a Pediatric Natural Doctor whose mission is to empower moms to feel calm, competent, and confident when their children get sick. She teaches preventative medicine so they can safely be a "doctor mom"! She gives us tons of information and advice in this episode. Med School for Moms: Dr. Elana Roumell's Instagram: The "Doctor Mom" Podcast: Elizabeth's website: Miraculous Mamas Instagram: Download Best Fiends FREE on the Apple App Store or Google Play! More podcasts at WAVE:
  • EP188: How to Teach Kids about Social Responsibility Using Ethical Toys with Lita and Destiny from Red & Olive Co.
    This episode, we have on the founders of Red & Olive Co., a growing mama-run business with a mission to empower women and children around the world through intentional play. The founders, Lita & Destiny, design the softest snuggly dolls with matching child accessories. The dolls are ethically made in Peru (where the founders are from!) by female artisans, many of whom are mothers too. Red & Olive Co.: Connect with Destiny and Lita: Elizabeth's website: Miraculous Mamas Instagram: Get 10% off your first month at Get 20% off your first order at Get 20% off an at-home lab test at More podcast at WAVE:
  • EP187: When Dog Meets Baby with Dominika Knossalla-Pado
    Dominika attended the Academy for Dog Trainers (called the Harvard of Dog Training), and started blogging for friends and family. After having a family of her own, she noticed a lack of resources and information for families with dogs having children, so she started When Dog Meets Baby. This episode, she gives us a bunch of tips and resources for introducing littles to dogs. Dominika's Prep Checklist: Dominika's Links: Dog Meets Baby Instagram: Elizabeth's website: Miraculous Mamas Instagram: Get 10% off your first month by visiting Go to to get $10 off your first purchase of the starter bundle! More podcasts at WAVE:
  • EP186: Q & A with Liz and Vito
    This week, Liz is joined by Vito to answer some listener questions and to give an update on their last crazy 6 months. They have some exciting news to share this week and can't wait to let you in on a secret! Elizabeth's website: Miraculous Mamas Instagram: Fill out your style quiz at to try Stitch Fix Freestyle! Download Best Fiends FREE today on the App Store or Google Play! More podcasts at WAVE:

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