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The Flop House

Podcast The Flop House
Podcast The Flop House

The Flop House


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  • Episode #388 - Don't Worry Darling
    Booksmart was one of Dan's favorite movies of its year. Director Olivia Wilde's big-budget follow-up, Don't Worry Darling... has problems. Dan, Stu, and Elliott chat about them, while mostly ignoring the extra-textural hubbub around the movie. Mostly. Don't worry, darlings. Or do. We aren't your dads.Wikipedia page for Don't Worry DarlingMovies recommended in this episode:MatineeKaithiThe Garden of WomenEver tried Microdosing? Visit and use FLOP for 30% off + Free Shipping.
  • FH Mini 72 - Numb3r Stat10ns
    This is one of the zanier minis we've done -- so much so, that we kind of don't even want to spoil it for you. Just take a number, and dive right in!Vote for your favorite Sexy Xenomorph music video!Come see us at The Bell House, on April 2! We've picked the movie by now: we'll be discussing BATTLEFIELD EARTH!Ever tried Microdosing? Visit and use FLOP for 30% off + Free Shipping. 
  • Ep. #387 - Black Adam
    We start the new year off with a BIG movie, especially according to its star, Mr. Dwayne Mr. "The Rock" E. Normous Johnson. It's Black Adam, a superhero probably even fewer of you have heard of than Shazam (nee Captain Marvel), in whose pages B. Adam first appeared. He's not your daddy's superhero, in that he kills a bunch of people, but he probably is your daddy's (or granddaddy's) superhero in the sense that he's from 1945. Anyway, they made a long, boring movie about him, so we talk about it.ALSO: It's time to VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE SEXY XENOMORPH MUSIC VIDEO! Polls close at the end of the month, so register your opinion now!Wikipedia page for Black AdamMovies recommended in this episode:The InternAftersunThe Banshees of InisherinEver tried Microdosing? Visit and use FLOP for 30% off + Free Shipping.
  • FH Mini 71 - '22 in Review
    Hope you're ready for a "mini" that's as long as one of our regular episodes! With the new year just beginning, Dan, Stuart, and Elliott look back and discuss their top movies of 2022 (with the caveat that none of us has the time to see everything in the "best of '22 conversation), and also branch out to some other highlights and lowlights of the year in film.
  • Ep.# 386 - The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause, with Alonso Duralde
    Mr. Christmas himself, Alonso Duralde, of many other podcasts, returns to dissect the third, and most narratively sweaty, of the Santa Clause trilogy, "The Escape Clause." Also, if you're wondering who stole Cagemas, Dan says a few words about it. Let's not say "goodbye" let's just say "congratulations, Mr. Cage, on paying off your castles."Wikipedia page for The Santa Clause 3Movies recommended in this episode:Adult Swim Yule LogThe Big FourMahanagarConfess, FletchEver tried Microdosing? Visit and use FLOP for 30% off + Free Shipping. TODAY is your LAST CHANCE to enter the SEXY XENOMORPH VIDEO CONTEST! The entry period ends with 2022! Sexy Xenomorph Contest: Full Rules —To enter the contest, make a music video for the song Sexy Xenomorph (link to song in show notes) in a style of your choosing.Once you’ve completed your masterpiece, upload it as a public video on YouTube with the words “Sexy Xenomorph” somewhere in the title, and be sure to credit the music to Howell Dawdy’s Fast Track and The Flop House podcast somewhere in the video or video description.Once the video is uploaded, email a link to us at [email protected] with the subject line “Sexy Xenomorph Contest.”We’ll be accepting entries up to midnight on New Year’s Eve, 2022.Once we have all the entries, the Flop House gang will pick our favorite ones – somewhere between 5 and 10 depending on how many entries we get – and we’ll set up a page on our website where people can vote on who wins.The winner will get a Flop House prize pack and will get to pick a movie for us to cover.

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