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  • I Ain’t Gonna Give You What You Don’t Want: Seek The Kingdom // KingDUMB (Part 2) // Michael Todd
    It's week 2 of our series KingDUMB! This week we learned the value of seeking the Kingdom and through a demonstration of ‘Hide and Seek’, we found out that it is NOT the same as looking. If you want the kingdom, God isn’t just going to give it to you, you have to search for it. The kingdom doesn’t come by proximity but by pursuit.We pray that this message gives you an appetite to seek the kingdom because it’s the ONE thing you can pursue and receive EVERYTHING along with it.#KingdomofGod #SeekTheKingdom #Seek1st #KingdomMessage #KingdomSermon
  • I Will Not Be KingDUMB // Michael Todd
    We kicked off the very first Kingdom Sermon Series entitled, I Will Not Be KingDUMB. Today, we learned that God’s people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, which translates in Hebrew, to ‘light’ (Hosea 4:6 KJV). When we walk without the light of God’s word, we walk in ignorance, also known as darkness in Hebrew.In this sermon we are taught how to SEE the Kingdom. The promise for this series is that our THINKING changes so that we can turn to God and see, seek, speak and serve the kingdom. If you’re ready for the Rise of a Holy Rebellion, stay tuned every Sunday at 10:45am CT.
  • A Collision with Vision // Vision Sunday // Michael Todd
    Today we received a collision with vision as Pastor Mike shared the importance of having vision in his first message of 2023. The most valuable thing we can have is vision because it is the key to our future. It gives us the ability to see what is INVISIBLE and make it POSSIBLE. Though your vision may seem out of reach, it is not out of sight. Pastor Mike shares what has come to pass over the course of his life as a result of valuing vision and he also reveals the word of the year for 2023!We believe that this is the year of Kingdom: The Rise of a Holy Rebellion.Watch this video for a life-changing word that will truly change how you see the rest of your life.#WordofTheYear #VisionSunday2023 #Kingdom #TheRiseofAHolyRebellion
  • The Gateway to the Garden // Charles Metcalf
    In this message, Pastor Charles explores the deeper meaning of prayer and explains that Prayer can be a portal to paradise. Prayer isn't just about communication with God but rather it is about communion with Him. We learn that fasting can help us grasp the importance of denying our flesh to be in close proximity with God. If you have struggled with understanding the purpose and power of prayer and fasting, this message is for you!
  • Cuffed To The Clock // Cuffing Season (Part 17) // Michael Todd
    We often think obedience is successful when we see the outcome. But it’s really successful when we give it. It’s not about us receiving. It’s about doing what God has told us to do, when He told us to do it. Today, Pastor Mike shows us that we are not controlling the clock. He teaches us that we won’t have forever to do what God has called us to do. Our obedience matters, and He’s calling us to obey today! If you’re someone who has been battling with obedience, this message is for you!#CuffingSeason #CuffedToTheClock #obedience

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