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Monday Morning Podcast

Monday Morning Podcast

Podcast Monday Morning Podcast
Podcast Monday Morning Podcast

Monday Morning Podcast


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  • Thursday Afternoon Monday Morning Podcast 1-26-23
    Bill rambles with Mike Donovan about his early days in Boston, history books, and Lenny Bruce.  Mike's new book 'The Stand-Up Comedy Book: A Collection of Thoughts, Stories, Biographies, Jokes and Journals of Stand-up' is available on Amazon and where books are sold. Thursday Afternoon Podcast: start - (45:59) Thursday Throwback:  (46:33) - (01:49:47) (1-26-23) Bill rambles about the Patriots loss, the Bonzo Bash, and the world's poop. Anything Better NFL Preview: (01:50:03) - end Thursday Interlude: Kenyon Hopkins - Minnesota Fats
  • Monday Morning Podcast 1-23-23
    Bill rambles about NFL Playoffs, his trip to Disneyland, and giant turkey legs. Helix: Helix is offering up to 200 dollars off all mattress orders and two free pillows for our listeners.  Go to
  • Thursday Afternoon Monday Morning Podcast 1-19-23
    Bill rambles about talkers, depressing movies, and 80's action stars. Nutrafol: You can grow thicker, healthier hair by going to and entering the promo code BURR to save fifteen dollars off your first month’s subscription.
  • Monday Morning Podcast 1-16-23
    Bill rambles about Wild Card Weekend, 90's movies, and artificial intelligence comedy bits.
  • Thursday Afternoon Monday Morning Podcast 1-13-23
    Bill rambles with Steve Byrne about the 90's, drinking stories, and how people handle money.  Steve's new special 'THE LAST LATE NIGHT' is available now on Amazon. (00:00) - Thursday Afternoon Monday Morning Podcast (01:15:09) -  Thursday Afternoon Throwback 1-12-15: Bill rambles about the Dez Bryant catch, whiskey dick, and powdered wigs.  (02:17:30) - Anything Better NFL Wildcard Weekend Thursday Afternoon Interlude: Filter - Hey Man Nice Shot SimpliSafe: Go today and claim a free indoor security camera plus 20% off your order with Interactive Monitoring at

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Monday Morning Podcast

Monday Morning Podcast

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