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Halshack indie Rockcast

Halshack indie Rockcast

Podcast Halshack indie Rockcast
Podcast Halshack indie Rockcast

Halshack indie Rockcast

Super popular indie podcast playing new indie rock, alt, and pop plus many other genres.
Super popular indie podcast playing new indie rock, alt, and pop plus many other genres.

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  • Episode 108: Halshack Ep 26.5 (Shacknation vol 8) July 2022- bonus show
    REVERBNATION CAMPAIGN #42000 submissions folks and we took 50 (some old and some new) spread across multiple genres in 3 different shows! Rapshack 8 was great!! Then we got pop, R&B, and Indie acts on display for your ears for Shacknation 8! Next episode will be just fine with musicians in rock, country and americana for Shacknation 9!So enjoy this fabulous campaign of bright unsigned talent and Ill be back shortly with the last part of the campaign! Im thinking a greatest hits for the campaign shows coming around the corner. Stay tuned to all things HALSHACK at www.halshack.com24 hour the show on most major music sites like Amazon Music, Itunes, Iheart Radio etc.....See you soon..............Hope you folks have an awesome August!
  • Episode 107: Halshack ep 26.5 (Rap Shack 8) July 2022 (Bonus show) WARNING!! 18+ Explicit Content!!
    REVERBNATION CAMPAIGN SHOW #4- 2000 submissions and 50 (roughly) were chosen across all genres. 2 new Shacknation shows coming Vol 8 and 9 (one will focus on pop, dance and urban sounds, the other will focus on country, americana and rock)Rapshack 8 will be great they said! Well these artists did not cease to deliver on the goods! Its a fine eclectic mix of some of the brightest rap and R&B talent out there today in the indie/unsigned market. Glad to have them all as part of my quality team! Thanks to everyone who submitted in this campaign. Found some versatile artists that can work across multiple genres like the most excellent Harmonic Molecules from Quebec, CANADA!Have a great summer everyone! Enjoy the show! We will be back soon with more new tunes!Find us on IHEART, ITUNES, AMAZON MUSIC and many more!.........www.halshack.com24 hour radio (random episodes)
  • Episode 106: Halshack Ep 26.5 (Shack Legends 2)- June 2022 (Bonus show)
    Time for Round 2 before we move on to something new! You're life would surely be blue without something to do while you listen to all this great music we found for you that will make your ears turn to goo! So in the words of the "great philosopher" of our time and Tik Tok (Rodney Norman)"Just do stuff and dont worry about all that other stuff when you got time to do stuff just go do it" ohhhh...just gotta love him! He's a true free spirit and has enough positive energy for anybody who needs a good laugh and a support group for the unmotivated! He will get your day started right!"Just do stuff!" Well were doing stuff at the Halshack Rodney! Thanks for the brilliant advice!..lolYa'll tune in and watch us "Do Stuff" in the music industry!!Find us everywhere you can find music or podcasts!  Deezer, Itunes, Iheart, Amazon Music and many more!Tune in to my website! Halshack.comPeace out! See you soon!
  • Episode 105: Halshack 26.5 (Shack Legends) Jun 2022- (Bonus show- Iconic songs)
    Howdy folks! Your friendly neighborhood music guy here back with another legendary episode! This time we will focus on a ton of the songs or the bands and artists that got me to where I am today in the industry!STEVIE NICKS (Stand Back) was officially released just last week by the PAPER JACKETS after remaining a sole exclusive on my show for 4 years- which still is--READ ON..... (its a new version featuring their new female singer) so the only one you will ever get hear on my show is the ORIGINAL (co produced version with Stevie Nicks) feels more like a Gen X version for all you old school music lovers!!CAVO and DURAN DURAN have a new side collab (COME UNDONE)...get it on the HALSHACK!FRANKIE MUNIZ (Fox tv and movie star) was a drummer in a band KINGSFOILMAGIC GIANT got popped by ROLLING STONE MAG in 2017...(earned my first real credit in the industry)SAM TINNESZ- is tearing up television and TIK TOK videos with his songs) 4 million followers, Hes been on my team for 3 years now!!Many many more great acts who gave me a helping hand to find my way in the industry!I'm very thankful for all their support and grateful for all my fans now in 400 markets and 100 countries! When we started we had ZERO!! Now we're headed somewhere relevant in the music industry 8 years later!Catch up on all things Halshack at my website or find my shows on Iheart, Itunes, Amazon Music and many more!!
  • Episode 104: Halshack ep 26.5 (Dads Rock 2) Jun 2022 (FATHERS DAY-- bonus show).mp3
    DADS ROCK 2 feat. CAVO (new song) Its June, Its FATHER'S DAY month and DADS love rock in all its forms plus DADS just plain rock at life (most of us In this episode you will hear from major rock band CAVO (former WB), BELOW 7 (Sony), MARQUIS of VAUDEVILLE (Dexter and Charmed) JR RICHARDS (former lead hit song Counting Blue Cars--DISHWALLA) plus Baltimore's #1 rock band CRASHING ATLAS (new Evanessence type band) also many other great bands!HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!Time for a story bio......... (I usually make these story bios off the cuff..lets see if I can work some magic Dads and as all people in general we sometimes find ourselves battling our own demons to be set free. Sometimes those battles can be lengthy and hard fought nights of depression and decay to the body spent enduring "100 Weeks in the Dark". In order to find your way to the light you may have to thrown down some "Kerosene" to fire up your path forward to a new life and possibly a new found love and support with feelings of bliss as you tread forward to that lovely emotional state of "Bliss Chemical". Be careful to not allow the negativity back in your life. As soon as things get better the "Wolves" come to tear apart everything that you love. Our younger "Millennial" friends, cousins, brothers and sisters,  have had a tougher time at life than we Xers have in some respects but hats off to them for managing to survive this cold yet web connected world. They still remember a time when we didn't type out our hand written "Letters to Penelope". We never know what the future may hold. "Where We're Standing Now" may not necessarily be the place you're supposed to be. You may have to get "a Little High and a Little Low" before you find where to plant your roots as have I and many of us have from all walks of life. Many of us have found a "White Light" at the end of the tunnel in love and relationships whether it be lovers, friends, or family but sometimes those lights come in the form of powder burns when their words sting like "Bullets". It may make you feel like you are not being validated and going "Unnoticed" for your contribution. Take a second to think about how you respond or what your next move is. The world can be a huge scary place when facing it alone with your "Lonely Bones".This world is demanding, life is demanding, jobs are demanding, it can feel like its a bit too much and leaving us looking for some "Sanity in Madness" that is the state of today. In the end, life is what you make it. Go out there and conquer the world as I have so you can say look at "What I've Become" rather than "Falling" on your face so you will "Never Look Back" to your old life of negative mind state and hard times. This is a new world folks! I don't know what it means for us Xers and how we fit in but lets hear some great music and great bands while we bring you some "New Blood" to conquer the music industry!Thanks for tuning in and rocking out! Find our show on all major music services including IHEART radio, ITUNES, APPLE podcasts, DEEZER, AMAZON MUSIC and many more!Thanks for becoming a fan! 400 cities and 100 countries just love what we do over the course of the last 8 years!!

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Super popular indie podcast playing new indie rock, alt, and pop plus many other genres.


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Halshack indie Rockcast

Halshack indie Rockcast

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