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Dream Big Podcast

Dream Big Podcast

Podcast Dream Big Podcast
Podcast Dream Big Podcast

Dream Big Podcast


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  • DB 316: Mel Robbins On The 5-Second Rule That Will Make Your Big Dreams A Reality (Rebroadcast)
    Today, we are rebroadcasting one of the most important episodes we’ve ever published. We are sharing Eva's interview with the amazing, Mel Robbins. She is a regular CNN contributor and author of the best-selling phenomenon 5-Second Rule. Mel is one of the most sought out speakers in the world right now and when you listen to the interview you’ll understand why.  She has so much energy and so much wisdom. And the 5-Second Rule that Mel shares in our interview will be the difference between you making your Big Dreams a reality or not.  Enjoy!
  • DB 315: Sophia’s Secret To Making Great Friends (And Keeping Them!)
    Today, Sophia and Olga talk about one of the most important life skills that we all need to develop: making and keeping great friends. In this episode, the mother-daughter bestfriends discuss the difference between making friends and creating friendships, and how friendship takes time and effort. They also talk about the important qualities you have to look out for in choosing the people you surround yourself with.     This is such an important lesson to teach our kids at a young age, and a good reminder for the adult Big Dreamers listening as well. Enjoy!
  • DB 314: Gabby Bernstein On How To Be (And Stay) Happy During Challenging Times (rebroadcast)
    Since we have been talking about making assumptions and avoiding negativity in the podcast recently, we have decided to share with you again Eva’s interview with Gabby Bernstein, a #1 New York Times Bestselling author (many times over), and one of the world’s leading authorities on happiness.  We have been long time admirers of Gabby’s work, and have actually created an entire solo episode about her famous “comeback rate” concept.    And now, the Big Dreamers will get the gift of hearing directly from Gabby again about why the “comeback rate” is so important and so many other practical tips on how to be and stay happy. Enjoy!
  • DB 313: What You Focus On Expands! Crater Story Part 2
    Today’s episode is inspired by Tony Robbins’ famous quote, “You Are Not a Creature of Circumstance, You’re the Creator of Your Life!” It encourages us all to choose what we create, and essentially, the trajectory of our lives.      This week, Sophia continues to tell the story of her experience climbing the Diamond Head. In this second part, she’ll share the amazing surprise that was waiting for her when she finally reached the top of the crater.  She also shares important lessons that her mom, Olga, learned from the legend Tony Robbins, and how it helped her when they started heading down the mountain.      We’re excited to see how you choose to use what you learn from this episode. Enjoy!
  • DB 312: STOP making assumptions. Here’s WHY!
    Have you ever heard of the phrase, Ask questions; don't make assumptions?  In this episode, Sophia tells the story of her experience going to the Diamond Head on the Hawaiian island of Oʻahu and how her experience made her realize that assumptions can be helpful, but also can be proven unproductive— even damaging.      This week, our challenge for you big dreamers is that if you hear someone make assumptions about a situation, ask them to rethink their thoughts. Who knows, Maybe they don’t even know the whole story. Try to help them and you’ll see that life is so much better without (making quick) assumptions.  Enjoy the episode!

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