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  • Episode 504: Pablo Torre
    Pablo Torre is a sports journalist and the host of the ESPN Daily podcast. “I have an open borders policy as a podcast. All are welcome, but I’m specifically appealing to people who want a little bit more of that magazine curation. What if I gave you one thing today, and that thing was the thing you needed, and what if that thing is deliberately different from every other way you consume sports? That’s the premise.” Show notes: @pablotorre Torre on Longform Torre on Longform Podcast Torre’s ESPN Daily archive 11:00 "Sue Bird on the WNBA Finals, Retirement, and a Career Like No Other" (Torre • ESPN • Sept 2022) 15:00 "The Survivor: From the Holocaust to the Munich Massacre, One Athlete’s Incredible Story" (Torre • ESPN • Sept 2022) 18:00 "The No. 16 Seed University of Maryland Baltimore County Topples Virginia in a Historic Sports Upset" (Ian Crouch • New Yorker • March 2018) 21:00 "Inside Jeremy Lin’s Life After Linsanity and the New York Knicks" (ESPN The Magazine • March 2015) 21:00 "The 76ers Plan to Win (Yes, Really)" (ESPN The Magazine • Jan 2015) 23:00 "WATCH: Sixers Fans Get Married at NBA Draft Lottery Party" (Nihal Kolur • Sports Illustrated • May 2018) 27:00 "How (and Why) Athletes Go Broke" (Sports Illustrated • March 2009) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • Episode 503: Evan Osnos
    Evan Osnos is a staff writer for The New Yorker. His new book is Wildland: The Making of America’s Fury. “I'm always trying to get inside a subculture. That's the thing that I think has been the most enduring, attractive element for me. Is there a world that has its own manners and vocabulary and internal rhythms and status structure? And who looks down on whom? And why? And who venerates whom? Who's a big deal in these worlds? And if I can get into that, it doesn't even really matter to me that much what the subculture is. I'm fascinated by trying to map that thing out.” Show notes: @eosnos Osnos on Longform Osnos’s New Yorker archive 00:00 The Making of America’s Fury (Farrar, Straus and Giroux • 2021) 02:00 "Life After White Collar Crime" (New Yorker • Aug 2021) 03:00 "Doomsday Prep for the Super-Rich" (New Yorker • Jan 2017) 05:00 Osnos’s Chicago Tribune archive 19:00 "The Boxing Rebellion" (New Yorker • Jan 2008) 24:00 "Born Red" (New Yorker • Apr 2015) 34:00 "Wastepaper Queen" (New Yorker • Mar 2009) 38:00 "The Grand Tour" (New Yorker • Apr 2011) 46:00 "Welcome to the United States: The Shutdown Edition" (New Yorker • Oct 2013) 49:00 "The Haves and Have-Yachts" (New Yorker • Jul 2022) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • Episode 502: Graciela Mochkofsky
    Graciela Mochkofsky is a writer for The New Yorker and dean of CUNY's Newmark Graduate School of Journalism. She has written six nonfiction books in Spanish. Her new book, her first in English, is The Prophet of the Andes. “It connects with me as a journalist, actually — it’s this idea of just seeking truth and how elusive that is. So this is a person who thinks he can get to the true meaning of God and of how he needs to live. And he thinks that by asking the right questions, and by reading, and reading, and reading, and by discussing collectively, he can get to the truth. And he can’t.” Show notes: @gmochkofsky  Mochkofsky on Longform Mochkofsky’s New Yorker archive 03:00 Timerman: El periodista que quiso ser parte del poder (Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial Argentina • 2012) 14:00 The Sirens of Mars (Sarah Stewart Johnson • Crown • 2021) 21:00 "The Missing Borges" (The Paris Review • April 2014) 21:00 "Henry Kissinger Will Not Apologize" (The Atlantic • Nov 2016) 21:00 "Obama’s Bittersweet Visit to Argentina" (New Yorker • March 2016) 21:00 "Mexico’s Literary Prankster Goes to War With His Publisher" (New Yorker • Dec 2015) 25:00 "CUNY’s New Spanish-Language Journalism Program, With Big Ambitions, Opens for Applications" (Shan Wang • Nieman Lab • March 2016) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • Episode 501: Nona Willis Aronowitz
    Nona Willis Aronowitz, an editor and author, writes a sex and love advice column for Teen Vogue. Her new book is Bad Sex: Truth, Pleasure, and an Unfinished Revolution. “I'm getting a lot of emails from people saying basically ‘You've inspired me to break up with my man tomorrow.’ Or ‘I may not ever break up with my man, but I'm starting to tell the truth, at least to myself, about my relationship.’ And I think a lot of people — even though I think being open about your feelings and acceptance of all kinds of lifestyles are two tenants of modern society — I still think there's a lot of silence around dissatisfaction around sex and love.” Show notes: @nona Willis Aronowitz on Longform Willis Aronowitz’s Teen Vogue archive 02:00Willis Aronowitz’s Good archive 02:00Willis Aronowitz’s Splinter archive 04:00 "Ellen Willis, 64, Journalist and Feminist, Dies" (Margalit Fox • New York Times • Nov 2006) 10:00 "Consciousness-Raising Groups and the Women’s Movement" (Erin Blakemore • JSTOR Daily • March 2021) 29:00 "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About ‘Bad Sex’ But Were Afraid to Ask" (Jessica Bennett • New York Times • Aug 2022) 43:00 Out of the Vinyl Deeps (Ellen Willis • University of Minnesota Press • 2011) 43:00 The Essential Ellen Willis (Ellen Willis • University of Minnesota Press • 2014) 43:00Ellen Willis’ New Yorker archive Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • Episode 500: Caitlin Dickerson
    Caitlin Dickerson is a staff writer for The Atlantic covering immigration. Her latest article, on the secret history of U.S. government’s family-separation policy, is ”An American Catastrophe.” “Interviewing separated families, I’ve found, is just on a whole other scale of pain and trauma. I’ve watched people have really intense PTSD flashbacks in front of me. I never wanted to risk asking a family to open up in that way if I didn’t know that I’d be able to use that material. The worst thing you can do is waste someone’s time in a way that causes them pain.” Show notes: @itscaitlinhd Dickerson on Longform Dickerson’s Atlantic archive 09:00 Dickerson’s New York Times archive 09:00 Dickerson’s NPR archive 15:00 The Fifth Risk (Michael Lewis • W.W. Norton • 2019) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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