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Monday Morning Critic Podcast

Monday Morning Critic Podcast

Podcast Monday Morning Critic Podcast
Podcast Monday Morning Critic Podcast

Monday Morning Critic Podcast


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  • (Episode 361) "Overwatch" Actor: Jen Cohn.
    Episode 361.Actor: Jen Cohn.Prolific voiceover actor (Star Wars, Overwatch, Grand Theft Auto) Jen Cohn joins me to discuss her career, life, the impact of Comic Cons, her work with her husband director and writer Robert Siegel (The Wrestler, Big Fan, Pam and Tommy) and so much more. Jen is very positive has an infectious personality and is truly a jack of all trades.Welcome, Jen Cohn.Monday Morning Critic: Instagram, TiKTok, YouTube and  [email protected]
  • (Episode 360) "Women Talking" Actor: Michelle McLeod.
    Episode 360."Women Talking"Actor: Michelle McLeod.Fresh off her Academy Award nomination (Women Talking) for Best Picture earlier in the day, Michelle McLeod joins me to talk about her Academy Award nominated film, movie night at her house as she was growing up, her love for acting, working with Sarah Polley and an all star cast and so much more. A great conversation with a marvelous actor.Welcome, Michelle McLeod.Monday Morning Critic: Instagram, TiKTok, YouTube and  [email protected]
  • (Episode 359) "Christmas Vacation" Actor: Nicholas Guest (Todd and Margo).
    Episode 359."Christmas Vacation"Actor: Nicholas Guest.Nicholas Guest was born in New York City, New York, USA. He is an actor, known for National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (1989), Trading Places (1983,) Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982) and Son of Anarchy (2008).Nicholas and I talk about the phenomena that is Christmas Vacation, why it's the best Christmas movie by a mile, a top 5 overall comedy, why the Griswold's are TERRIBLE neighbors, the fact that Margo and Todd are THE most quotable characters in the movie and we talk about Nick's role in "Trading Places" with Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykyrod. Fun conversation!Welcome, Nicholas Guest!Monday Morning Critic: Instagram, TiKTok, YouTube and  [email protected]
  • (Episode 358) "Citizen X" Director and Writer: Chris Gerolmo.
    Episode 358"Citizen X"Director and Actor: Chris Gerolmo.7-time Academy Award nominated writer of Mississippi Burning Chris Gerolmo wrote Mississippi Burning which was nominated for 7 Academy Awards. He wrote and directed Citizen X for HBO, which was nominated for 7 Emmys. In 2005, he created Over There about the war in Iraq with Steven Bochco. He directed the pilot & wrote much of the series. He also wrote and sang the title song, which was nominated for an Emmy for Best Main Title Theme. Since then, he has released three albums and two EPs. He’s also written a book about the loss of his wife to cancer called Death for Beginners, published by Patcheny Press. He lives in Brentwood with his three children.Chris and I touch on a variety of subjects including Citizen X, meeting the most notorious serial killer in history,  Mississippi Burning, Angry Director Alan Parker, Gene Hackman, writing and so much more. Smart, kind and talented man.Welcome, Chris Gerolmo.Monday Morning Critic: Instagram, TiKTok, YouTube and  [email protected]
  • (Episode 357) "Wildcat" Documentary. Animal Conservationist: Harry Turner.
    Episode 357."Wildcat"Harry Turner.Lovely speaking with Harry Turner who is featured in the Prime Video "Wildcat" After returning from Afghanistan with severe depression and PTSD, Harry Turner went to the Peruvian Amazon to end his life. There, he met conservationist and scientist Samantha Zwicker, and through their work together raising orphaned wildlife he is finding a reason to live. Wildcat takes viewers to the remote Las Piedras River to witness how two orphaned ocelots and the solitude of the rainforest help a young man and young woman with traumatic pasts. This feature-length documentary is an intimate, character-driven story about the impact of wild places on us - and our impact on them.Harry and I touch on a variety of topics including PTSD, depression, animal rights, Harry's projects and the wonderful documentary "Wildcat"Welcome, Harry Turner.Monday Morning Critic: Instagram, TiKTok, YouTube and  [email protected]

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