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U Up?

Podcast U Up?
Podcast U Up?

U Up?


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  • Will Losing Weight Fix My Relationship?
    J&J are back with our first Sunday Special of October, and they start with a chat about Jared’s trick or treating observations from last year and Jordana’s days as a babysitter in the city. Then, they dive into the email from a listener whose husband wants her to lose weight. They’ve both been on their own health journeys, but she’s healed her relationship with her body and he’s still struggling. After he revealed he prefers a thinner body type than hers, she asks if she should try to lose the weight for him. Would that solve any of their issues in the long run? Plus, they talk about the best way to address it without putting him on the defense. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • Lightning Round Part 1: Adam Levine, Standing Out On Dating Apps, & Living With A Disgusting
    On this week’s episode, Jared and Jordana are answering your lightning round questions submitted via Instagram, but first they’re breaking down Jared’s adventures in Buffalo and the recent cheating accusations against Adam Levine. Then, they get into your questions ranging from how to stand out on dating apps to how to meet people IRL as an introvert. Plus, they discuss the old line that “the best relationships are when the man loves the woman more than she loves him” and give advice for disgustings cohabitating with non-disgustings. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • What Should You Expect When Visiting A Long Distance Fling?
    Jared and Jordana are getting right into it on the Sunday Special, and this week’s email is about a “somewhat-unsuccessful” trip to visit a long-distance situationship. They go into what you should expect when you’re taking a chance and getting on a plane to meet up with someone. The first night of her visit went great, but the next night felt off and he made excuses to not see her again before she left. She says she got the ick after he needed too much reassurance that she liked him, but J&J aren’t sure that’s the full story. They break down the games he’s playing and why this trip was a little weird from the start. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • How Much Time Do You Need Between Relationships?
    On this week’s episode, Jared and Jordana start with a discussion about interpreting comments from strangers on the internet and getting set up by Jared’s mom. The first emailer writes in to ask if she’s jumping into a commitment too quickly after a long term relationship ended. Should she stick with her goal of staying single for at least a year even if she really likes the guy she’s seeing? The Awkward Sexual Encounter involves way too much tongue. Later, a listener writes in about her boyfriend’s smoking habit. She wasn’t bothered by him smoking weed before they lived together, but now she’s majorly turned off. How much can she expect him to change his lifestyle? J&J finish the episode with a round of Red Flag or Deal Breaker about backhanded compliments, early “I love you”s, and plumbing problems. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • Are You Dating Like You’re In A Relationship?
    J&J are back with another Sunday Special, and they start with a chat about how to enjoy dating on football Sundays. This week’s email comes from a male listener who keeps finding himself in the same dating situation. After about two months of dating someone, he gets a text saying he’s a really nice guy, but they don’t see it going anywhere romantically. Jordana gives the honest version of these texts that he’s not getting. Is there anything he should do differently or is this just a normal part of dating? Plus, Jared and Jordana discuss the ways men and women break up differently. Subscribe to our channel on YouTube! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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