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My Brother, My Brother And Me

My Brother, My Brother And Me

Podcast My Brother, My Brother And Me
Podcast My Brother, My Brother And Me

My Brother, My Brother And Me


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  • MBMBaM 623: GooMail Me
    Extremely important breaking news: Justin has a new very pretty kitty. Absolutely nothing else matters, not forwarding that evil chain letter, not eating revolutionary French toast, not learning to whistle better. Nothing.Suggested talking points: Grizabella the Pretty Kitty, Victorian Skeleton Well Boy, My Eyes Are Gleaking, Unlock the Old Man Krav Maga Poem, Social Interaction Cheat CodesCenter for Reproductive Rights:
  • MBMBaM 622: Face 2 Face: Leave the Cannoli, Take the Gun
    This week's episode is our 20-Rendezvous live show from Portland, OR. We’re pros at giving advice but sometimes we have to defer to a higher legal power: Judge Judy.Suggested talking points: Suited and Zooted, Dr Dr give me the Phil, The Doll is Right, Meat Sweat Defense, Slim Badbody, The Shrek-Godfather Tontine , 4-H After HoursCenter for Reproductive Rights:
  • MBMBaM 621: Face 2 Face: That’s Not My Orb
    It’s our show from mountainous Salt Lake City, UT, which we had to run through at a clip so that we could get our dear audience member to Olive Garden before it closed. We understand priorities.Suggested talking points: Damien Iceblayde, Grandpa Dan Goes to Taco Bell, Cars Is Big Scooters, Unexpected Surprise Milk, Fine Art and Green Candy, Skanking is Discouraged in the O.R.Center for Reproductive Rights:
  • MBMBaM 620: Face 2 Face: Djinnergy
    We’re on the road, so we’ve got a different show from a different road to share. Straight from the better Kansas City, we bring you the world’s first Gurt Alert. We sure were hurtin’ for a gurtin’ on this show.Suggested Talking Points: Fast Cream for Business, The Art of Walking Down Stairs, Mr. Died in Fire, My Brother’s Idiot Fish, FILFsTrans Youth Equality Foundation:
  • MBMBaM 619: Great Stuff You Can Do in the Bathroom
    It’s a callback to the 90s, with answers to the terrible question “What’s up?,” dated commercial taglines, and bootleg Big Bad Beetleborgs. With featured guest, Justin’s new sound board!Suggested talking points: Vitamin D, The Snyder’s Cut, Time Zone Denial, Toilet Buddy, Sandwich By Number, Promote Chicken PlatformTrans Youth Equality Foundation:

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My Brother, My Brother And Me

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