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The Truth

Podcast The Truth
Podcast The Truth

The Truth

Jede Episode eine Geschichte für sich, hochprofessionell produziert.
Jede Episode eine Geschichte für sich, hochprofessionell produziert.

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  • Journey into Kalanu
    On a theme park ride dedicated to a sci-fi mega-franchise, a man meets a superfan whose love of fantasy is about to put them both in real danger. Written by Hunter Nelson. Performed by Peter Grosz, Alex Dickson, Billy Bob Thompson, Erica Schroeder, Zuri Washington, Jake Hart, Nathan Crisci, Erik Ghalib, Liz Leimkuhler, Anthony Franqui, Erin Bartley, and Hunter Nelson. Find The Truth at and @thetruthfiction on Twitter and Instagram.
  • Happy Happy
    There are a million things rock star Melanie Miles would like to have done differently. And a visit to a mysterious bar trapped in the '90s finally gives her the chance. Written by Lana Schwartz Performed by Erin Harland, Jon Cook, Anna Suzuki, Maya Deshmukh, Alex Song-Xia, Ryan Leach, Evan Barden, and Stefan Schuette. Find The Truth at and @thetruthfiction on Twitter and Instagram.
  • Snoop
    While housesitting for her crush, Sienna finds his journal. But reading it uncovers a little more than she—or her best friend Monica—was expecting. Written by Mary McDonnell Performed by Kimberly Chatterjee, Julia Kelly, and Yoni Lotan. Find The Truth at and @thetruthfiction on Twitter and Instagram.
  • Swallowed
    Jonah’s been swallowed by the whale, and he isn’t sure why. But as he prays to God for answers, a different voice responds. Written by Brielle DeMirjian Performed by David Deblinger, Russell G. Jones, and Tom Ligon. Find The Truth at and @thetruthfiction on Twitter and Instagram.
  • Newts!
    From PRX Productions and The Truth, Newts! is a surf rock audio drama about the end of the world. The six-part series is inspired by the pioneering science fiction of Czech author and playwright Karel Čapek, who is best known for coining the term “robot.” The first episode is premiering exclusively on The Truth. To hear the rest of the series, subscribe to Newts! wherever you listen to podcasts, or visit to stay in the loop. Created by Sam Jay Gold & Ian Coss Directed by Sam Jay Gold Music and sound design by Ian Coss Executive produced by Jocelyn Gonzales and Jonathan Mitchell Performed by Lindsay Nicole Chambers, Chris Barron, Joseph Medeiros, Juan Ignacio Sanguinetti, Alok Patel , Sarah Naughton , Jon-Michael Reese, Putu Rekayasa , Naomi Yang, Sid Iyer, Lenny Fiannaca, Sam Lapine, and Varun Sasisekharan. Newts! The Truth Instagram Twitter

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Über The Truth

Der Podcast "The Truth" ist eine exquisite Mischung aus großartigem Skript Design, authentischer Performance und hochwertigem Sound. Produzent und Host Jonathan Mitchell arbeitet mit seinem Team für jede Episode einen einzigartigen Charakter heraus.


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