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Podcast The Debaters

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  • 1723: Stop Complaining About Construction & Roller Coasters
    Ryan Williams and Brittany Lyseng are in the zone when they go steel toe-to-toe on complaining about construction. Then, are roller coasters the best part of an amusement park? Marito Lopez and Myles Anderson turn this debate upside down.
  • 1722: Live Music & Fine Dining
    Dean Jenkinson and musical comedy duo David Milchard and Ken Lawson amp-up the crowd when they decide if all music should be experienced live. Then, is fine dining one of the finer things in life? Julie Kim and Wes Borg dish up a deluxe discourse.
  • 1721: Movie Trailers & Japan
    In this blockbuster episode from Season 13, Howie Miller and Simon King are anything but pop-corny when they discuss movie trailers. Then, Kyle Bottom and Yumi Nagashima chop-stick it to one another over Japan's advanced society.
  • 1720: Doughnut vs. Muffin & Seniors Discounts
    Ivan Decker and Don Kelly dough-nut miss a beat when they decide if doughnuts are superior to muffins. Then, John Wing and Deborah Kimmett have a pension for laughter on the subject of seniors discounts.
  • 1719: Umbrella vs. Rain Jacket & Giving Compliments
    Maddy Kelly and Graham Clark decide if umbrellas or rain jackets rain supreme. Then, Lori Gibbs and Charlie Demers decide if flattery gets you anywhere when they discuss if it’s better to give than receive compliments.

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