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Podcast P.S.A Podcast
Podcast P.S.A Podcast

P.S.A Podcast


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  • Quitting Sex & Alcohol, Not Selling Soul & Being Sober Minded at ALL Times Feat. Benoit Kim
    Season 6 is starting wrap up but that doesn't mean the gems are stopping! This episode features the host of "Discover More" Podcast Benoit Kim. This podcast is a show for introspective thinkers with growth mindsets seeking authentic life stories. His This former policy maker turned psychotherapist who was in the military facing major uncertainties and pivots in life and career. Benoit also discusses his sobriety journey of quitting alcohol 2 years ago, the insights gained and his decision to give up sex with his Gf of 1.5 years at the time to address my moral/emotional incongruence. The episode discusses the power of being sober minded, why we always should strive to be in control, how anger is just a projection of another emotion, and reclaiming sex as a means of love. Benoit Kim's social mediaInstagram: @discovermorepodcastPodcast: The Discover More Podcast
  • How to Keep the People Coming Back Like Thanksgiving Dinner Feat. Frankie Fabre
    After two solo episodes, Izzy is back in his interviewing chair as he interviews Chicago's finest Frankie Fabre. Frankie is the host of "We Are the Brand Podcast" and the owner of Fabre Media. The reason why customers keep coming back and brand loyalty are dissected in their entirety. Frankie talks bridging the gap between the creative world and business and how that correlates with brand loyalty. This episode highlights the fact that we as individuals are our own brands, and we should act as such. The topic correlates business with personal in that regard. The discussion flows following an interesting look at how identity plays into branding, that businesspeople aren't the most creative, self-sabotage and bad relationships, what happens when bad people try to come back in our lives, and both Izzy and Frankie discuss what they are most grateful for in his holiday season.Frankie Fabre's social mediaInstagram: @frankiefabrePodcast: We Are the Brand PodcastWebsite:
  • Adulting 101: How to Be the Best Millennial Adult...I Think
    Adulting 101 is NOT to be mistaken for Zoey 101. Being a young millennial is hard. Being an adult is even harder. Imagine combining to the two and you'll be an explosion of stress. In episode 18, Izzy is back with another solo episode to analyze some tips he found while researching that show the best ways to be an adult. Some of these tips are good, some of these tips are ok. Some of these tips include budgeting at dinner, the importance of voting, and ways to bounce back when you lose motivation. Either way, the episode hopes that the audience makes the best decisions in their young adulthood. The episode highlights Izzy's rants about his job, Justinlaboy and his toxic quotes, how falling out with everyone is not a part of adulting, how college was the introduction to adulthood, and what happened in Houston when the Astros won the World Series.
  • Ye (Kanye West) Please Be at Peace
    Episode 17 does a great job of showcasing the importance of letting God fight your battles. When you constantly feel the need to defend yourself, you will lose every time. Some people will either still not believe you, say that you are pressed, or make it seem like you're crazy. The inspiration behind this episode comes from Kanye (Ye) West, who has lost almost everything due to his rants. The purpose of this episode reveals the importance of not always running to defend yourself when people are trying to belittle you, lie on your, or destroy your reputation. In this discussion, Izzy also highlights the dangers of Halloween, the passing of Takeoff a rapper in the hit rap group "The Migos", The negative effects of going to social media when you are angry.Quote from"Before the dawn of the Internet and social media constructs, a reputation was a word-of-mouth opinion held by the majority of a community. Today it is everything--everything you write, post, tweet, publish and memorialize. If you are working towards a career in psychology, you are aspiring to secure positions which require the appearance of emotional stability and unbiased intellect. Therefore, if you are someone who likes creating a tidal wave of shock; what you post today might very well drown you out of the job you apply for tomorrow. That is why it is important to immediately begin to consciously and intentionally manage your public persona. Your reputation is much like your height--once you have it, it doesn’t change".
  • Birthdays Are Overrated, Fighting Suicidal Thoughts, & Choosing Life Feat. Kevin Palmieri
    Back like he never left, Izzy keeps the ball rolling with an episode that was originally designed as an ode to "suicide awareness month", but unfortunately didn't make the cut. Nonetheless, this episode features podcaster Kevin Palmieri who is the CFO, Founder & Co-Host of "Next Level University", a Global Top 100 Self-Improvement Podcast with more than 1,000 episodes and 600K+ listens in over 125 countries. Kevin also is survivor of suicide ideation, which he suffered from when he hit rock bottom. He loves talking about Consistency, Commitment, Habits, Mindset, Confidence, Fear, Relationships, Limiting Beliefs and everything in between. He believes in a heart driven but NO BS approach to holistic self-improvement, and I look forward to teaching even more people about what it really takes to get to the next level. This episode highlights ways to overcome suicide ideation and suicidal thoughts, the struggles of anxiety and depression, making the decision to choose life despite the difficulties, and Izzy rants about why he believes birthday dinners are overrated at our big age. Kevin Palmieri's social mediaInstagram: @neverquitkid Website:

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