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Marriage & Martinis

Podcast Marriage & Martinis
Podcast Marriage & Martinis

Marriage & Martinis


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  • The Sex Ed Our Kids Actually Need and Deserve, With Dr. Jennifer Lincoln
    Dr. Jennifer Lincoln has become a tik Tok phenomenon. With 2.8 million followers, she's demystifying sex and taking the shame out of the conversations surrounding sex ed that our youth really need to be having and hearing. Tackling everything from periods, to puberty, to body parts, she's working hard to stop the stigmas and spread the real message that this is all natural and normal. Danielle asks all her questions as a mom of tweens and teens, and both sons and a daughter. How do we make our households a place that naturally makes these discussions and topics more comfortable? What do our kids really need to know before going off to college or wherever they might go after leaving the nest? Is there really an "age" when it's finally appropriate to have "the talk" or teach the real language for body parts and bodily functions? Dr. Lincoln tells it all exactly as it is, and makes us all feel more like we can feel good about tackling these topics. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
  • How The F*ck Do You Live In The Moment?!
    For years, Adam and Danielle have done whatever possible to avoid facing "real life" situations. Now, as they get older and realize the impertinence of life, things have started to change. How are they embracing the here and now more than ever before? With their kids and pets getting older, there's a longing to make time slow down and really capture all of life's occurrences, whether good or bad. How did Adam go from wanting to escape every facet of the hard times, to totally being invested in the hardships of raising teenagers? What was Danielle's escape, and how was it more subtle? How can they make the most of this upcoming year and truly live in the now? For anyone who has ever felt like they want to embrace the present but have no idea what that even means or how to do it, this episode is one you don't want to miss. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
  • Doing Things Our Own Way, With the Momtourage Podcast
    In this episode, Danielle chats with Ashley and Keri from the Momtourage Podcast about how each of them has navigated the pressures of doing things the way their parents and families did them while growing up, with figuring out how they each want factors such as tradition, spirituality, and religion to play a factor in their own adult lives and the lives of their kids. How does being in an interfaith marriage affect the decision-making process concerning tradition? Is there a way to honor our upbringing while still changing how our own family unit approaches aspects of religion and spirituality? How does one figure it all out when they didn't have real role models as children? Throughout the episode, the three women go off topic several times, and the conversation that ensues is both hilarious and relatable. Diversions include how pandemic parenting differed from "regular" parenting, getting periods for the first time, and fascinating ghost sex stories.Call and leave us a message with questions, comments, thoughts about ANYTHING and it may wind up in a podcast episode! Remain anonymous or leave your first name and where you're from!‪(848) 863-8134‬ Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
  • P-I-V-O-T - Part Two
    In the previous episode, Danielle and Adam discuss how their summer turned drastically wrong. During this episode (should be listened to after listening to the first one), they discuss how they handled the disappointment, frustration, and anxiousness that followed the unexpected July events. How did they deal with everything as parents and as a couple? In what ways did it all wind up being a blessing, and it what ways are they still trying to figure out what needs to be done to turn certain things around? If you have a child who has struggled or is struggling, or if you've faced unexpected tumultuous circumstances, this is an episode you won't want to miss.Date Night QuestionsLet Yourself GoCall and leave us a message to play on our podcast!‪(848) 863-8134‬ Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
  • P-I-V-O-T!!
    The beginning of Summer of 2022 was supposed to be "the time of Adam and Danielle...." sleeping in, relaxing, having romantic dinners, and doing the dirty deed whenever they felt like it. Because, the beginning of the summer, all three of their kids were supposed to be away, having fun in different parts of the country. Nothing went as planned. In fact, so much went wrong, that there almost isn't enough time to talk about it all. In this episode, Adam and Danielle break down what went wrong and how they were forced to quickly and reluctantly change course. What was supposed to be the best July ever turned drastically wrong. What was supposed to be the summer of romance turned into the summer of hardcore parenting. But, there were also good things that came out of it all. Lessons were learned, and a lot of growth wound up occurring for everyone. Still, the two are hopeful that the second half of summer will be smoother and steadier than the first half. In this episode, Danielle and Adam reveal a lot of personal details in hopes that other parents who are "going through it" will know that they absolutely are not alone.Date Night QuestionsLet Yourself GoCall and leave us a message to play on our podcast! ‪(848) 863-8134‬ Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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