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Two and A Half Amigos

Two and A Half Amigos

Podcast Two and A Half Amigos
Podcast Two and A Half Amigos

Two and A Half Amigos


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  • 151. Laura Buckles Broken Isolation inn
    Laura Buckles is an American actress and producer-writer. Originally from Denver Colorado, she has been in the film industry with titles such as “The Bold and The Beautiful”, “Mad Men”, and “Isolation In”. She also hosts a podcast called "Says Who?" where she interviews real working actors about their lives and careers and what it's like to be a working actor in the entertainment industry. She is currently living in the Los Angeles area. She is a writer-producer and actor. She will do almost anything in the Indigent in the entertainment industry. She is also an improv actor in a company here in Los Angeles. They've been going strong for winning seasons. She grew up partially in Denver, some time in Pakistan but mostly in England. Living overseas while growing up instilled in her a love of travel and an appreciation for culture and art, as well as the ability to overpack for any occasion. She has studied at Second City, Sears and Switzer, HB Studios, and Neighborhood Playhouse. She started acting at 2 months old when she embraced non-traditional casting by accepting the role of baby Jesus in her family's live nativity scene (...fine, she slept through most of it). Her three-year run was cut short when at the age of 2, baby Jesus left the manager in search of chocolate chip cookies and excitement. She also has a set trained Jack Russell named Milo. When neither of us is on set, they're looking for sunny spots to lie in, adventures to go on, and a (you guessed it) good cookie or two. Outline of the Episode: ● [02:35] The Brief Introduction about Laura Buckles. ● [05:11] How do Laura Buckles manage in different cultures? ● [08:23] How do different cultures get Laura into the acting? ● [10:43] Is Laura go Pakistan to prepare for the role? ● [11:46] What was it like playing the role that Laura had in the movie? ● [14:40] How you show kind of what's going on in somebody's head in the movie? ● [16:23] Would Laura ever want to be a cop in real life? ● [21:11] Dinner scene of a Couple in the Movie seem off, What Laura tells about it? ● [23:44] Behind the scene of the Movies? ● [27:15] How the appearance of the Laura character is decided? ● [35:00] What type of writer is Laura..? ● [38:32] What made Laura want to start the podcast ● [30:48] Does Laura show have something specific that it does every episode? ● [46:00] Has Laura had someone cry on her show yet? And if so, how did she handle it? ● [47:26] Can Laura impersonate anyone famously? ● [49:46] Does Laura have a bad Uber Experience? ● [53:41] What Conspiracy Theory does Laura believe in?Catch Laura BucklesWebsite: Instagram: LinkedIn: Facebook: Connect with AmigosPC! Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Check out Official AmigosPC Merch at: Join the conversation with the Amigos by becoming a member of Amigos pc get direct access to our discord and other cool free stuff
  • 150 Richard Carthon Crypto Current
    Richard Carthon is the CEO of the Crypto Current. Crypto Current was founded to give access to information to everyone on current events occurring in cryptocurrency and block chain in a digestible way. Since its creation, Crypto Current has created content that impacted thousands of people through its podcast, blog, and social media. Crypto Current hosted social meet-ups that have provided the opportunity for people to learn and connect with other locals in their community. Richard Carthon is also the host of the cryptocurrency podcast, where they bridge the gap between people who know nothing about cryptocurrency and block chain thought leaders in the space. Their goal is to give audience the access and all the information that is need so they can start acting on crypto today.Richard Carthon have been a Serial entrepreneur. His entire career has a little bit of background in wealth management. He worked at Merrill Lynch for a little while in the wealth management side, ended up leaving that to do his own startup, was in a race of money. He was in this crucial position where he decided to give his company a little bit more breathing room. He goes with another nine to five just so he can support it. And he was working at this part official intelligence company. His boss told him to check about the block chains, so he did and it absolutely down the rabbit hole that changed most of his life and he've been in it ever since and happy to die without a little bit more. Outline of the Episode: ● [02:20] The Brief Introduction about Richard Carthon ● [04:14] What make sense about block chain stuck out to Richard Carthon? ● [06:29] Why haven’t banks adopt the crypto currency yet? ● [07:23] What’s the game plan of Richard Carthon in tackling the crypto? ● [10:08] Richard point of view about the portfolio management company, that is doingwhat we would normally do on the stock exchange? ● [12:23] Decentralized Finance. ● [16:06] Why Richard Carthon is passionate about crypto? ● [17:57] What Richard will say to someone who scare to do crypto? ● [19:44] Which is best venue to start? ● [24:11] Proof of work vs Proof of Stake? ● [25:16] Ethereum ● [28:40] How many people have the means to spend a hundred dollars for a transaction? ● [29:55] What do you think when June 22 comes around? If you're going to flip a coin atleast, does it happen or does it happen? ● [30:48] Do He have a plan B to switch to another coin? ● [32:22] Doge coin? ● [34:26] What is the guilty pleasure does Richard Carthon have? ● [36:04] What is one piece of information that you know that seems to be illegal to know? ● [37:17] Is he accept the offer of going to Mars?  Catch Richard Carthon! Website: Instagram: LinkedIn: Facebook: Connect with AmigosPC!Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Check out Official AmigosPC Merch at: Join the conversation with the Amigos by becoming a member of Amigos pc get direct access to our discord and other cool free stuff
  • 149. Tina-Marie Springham. Broken | Blue hour
    Tina-Marie Springham is a Canadian-born actor & voice-over artist currently based in Vancouver. She spent ten years living/working as a songwriter/singer/recording artist in Los Angeles, penning lyrics for songs that went on to become Top20 & Top10 Adult Contemporary singles, with several of them being placed in TV shows (currently in syndication around the world). Working between L.A & Vancouver, Tina-Marie has established herself as a force to bereckoned with in the North American indie film industry. As well as working consistently in film and TV, Tina-Marie can be heard in many voice-over roles in the narration, animation, corporate/commercial world, as well on Some of her work includes Voluspa (USA), VirtaMed (EU), Theravue (USA), BC Knowledge Network, Ocean of Good (CDN) The Return (USA) and many more. Tina-Marie was also a force in the highly competitive world of fitness and personal training industry. Competing in several different federations between 2011 and 2016 in the Figure & Fitness category. She quickly advanced from novice to National Level, by winning 12 first and second place trophies and one Overall Title during her competition career. Returning now to her first love of acting and focusing solely now on her career. When in between filming she studies her craft and writes. Audiences can see Tina-Marie in upcoming feature films ‘Broken’ (USA), ’Blue Hour’ (CDN), and 'Prof' (CDN), with 4 other projects currently in post and set for release in 2021. You can also see her in the award winning short films ‘A Calling’, ‘Amphora’ and ‘Header’, to name a few. Others to watch for coming out later in 2021 are ’Sterling Road’ (CDN), ‘Through Darkness, I See You’ (CDN), & ‘Complete Reality’ (CDN). Tina-Marie has booked projects well into 2021 and there seems to be no slowing her down anytime soon in spite of a pandemic. Tina-Marie has sights set on the other side of the camera as well to facilitate her innate desire to tell stories. She is in the infancy stages of writing and developing projects where she will boldly step into writing and directing. Outline of the Episode: ● [02:09] The Brief Introduction about Tina Marie Springham. ● [02:52] When did do you decide to peruse an acting career? ● [05:13] How you betrayed your character? ● [07:09] Actor, Writer and Director relationship. ● [09:37] How much you relate to the character? ● [11:22] What is the dream role you looking for? ● [14:24] How you tackle the auditions? ● [19:04] Do you watch your acting afterwards? ● [21:27] Where was you evolution of selecting a career? ● [26:40] Was there any red flags during the auditions? ● [34:59] Have you got too many auditions in a single day? ● [38:15] What is the longest time you took a character back with you? ● [40:28] What is your favorite conspiracy theory? ● [42:23] What life hack you knows that everyone does it wrong? ● [45:00] What is your guilty pleasure? ● [46:56] What is your least favorite 80,s movie that everybody likes?  Catch Tina-Marie Springham! Website: Instagram: LinkedIn: Facebook: Connect with AmigosPC!Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Check out Official AmigosPC Merch at: Join the conversation with the Amigos by becoming a member of Amigos pc get direct access to our discord and other cool free stuff
  • 148. inspirational mindset with yaboybakes
    Join Scott and Mark with their guest Bakes, Bakes is a hip-hop artist coming out of San Diego, CA. Rapper Bakes secured the attention of the San Diego music scene in 2016, after recognition from the fan-favorite and debut single "On My Mind" took over the airwaves of Z90.3 FM radio contest. Bakes elevated this buzz with various artist collaborations, including DJ Schoeney "Switch" opens the door to San Diego nightlife. This lead to performances in nightclubs, festivals, and opening performances for billboard top-charting artists. His humble beginnings writing and recording out of his college apartment in 2008 have led into his 2020 releases, 3 song EP Hologram showing his more mature and nuanced expression of his story. Followed by the premiere of the visual component for his debut single “Divine Timing” from EP Trust Yourself. From the Ground (Album):Laid back and intimate, can describe the newly released hip hop recording album “From The Ground Up” by artist Bakes produced by Isiah Salazar. Bakes emphasizes this album is his most self-defining music he has ever released. Debut single “1AM Somewhere” delves into the descriptive glimpse of the beginning of Bakes’ musical journey. Much like the debut single, each track creates a unique sound and radiant belief in self. Bakes aims to inspire a positive outlook on life dreams through his transparent storytelling of his career as an independent Hip Hop artist. About Bakes:Bakes is a hip-hop artist coming out of San Diego, CA. Originally from the Bay Area, Bakes moved down to San Diego for college where he began pursuing music seriously, honing in on his craft and working to perfect his skills and make his way into the industry. Bakes has solidified his position as a respected lyricist, performer, and song maker, and continues to gain notoriety as one of the top artists coming out of San Diego. Outline of the Episode: ● [02:03] The Brief Introduction about Bakes. ● [03:08] What brought you to music. ● [05:50] How the atmosphere of Bay Area and San Diego effect the music you create? ● [09:56] Conspiracy Theory ● [08:20] Who is the Influencer/Driver in your musical journey? ● [14:58] What are the hurdles that you overcome to keep going? ● [19:30] Do you think, you have that mentality of positive direction going forward? ● [24:19] Spiritual Concept ● [25:30] What is manifestation of performing in front of thousands of people? ● [27:29] Any Conspiracy theory that is legit for Bakes? ● [30:21] Do you take one way trip to mars? ● [33:00] What is your guilty pleasure? ● [38:29] What is your dream tour guest to have?   Catch Bakes! Website: Instagram: Podcast: YouTube: Linkedin: Facebook: Connect with AmigosPC!Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Check out Official AmigosPC Merch at: Join the conversation with the Amigos by becoming a member of Amigos pc get direct access to our discord and other cool free stuff
  • 147. Lexis Sharde Comedian podcast host
    Join Scott and Mark with their guest Lexis Sharde, Lexis Sharde is a writer and producer, known for The Garage (2015) and Rush Hour Entertainment (2011). Lexis Sharde found a passion for public speaking during her time at the University of Oregon as a college radio personality. After volunteering for nearly three years at KWVA she decided to take the next step and pursued the most popular radio station in Eugene, at the time, 94.9 Jamz. The Comedy Clubs:During her time in Los Angeles, she has performed at various comedy clubs including; The Comedy Store, The IMPROV, Flappers & Jon Lovitz's Comedy Club (RIP). Lexis wrote and produced 3 short films, including "The Comedy Show'', hosted a music entertainment show and has been featured in various reality shows, short comedies and music videos. About Lexis Sharde: Lexis Sharde achieved her Bachelor of Arts she decided to move to LA and break way into television. She found an opportunity working for a production company known for creating content for Los Angeles Metro Transit Commuters. Wearing many hats on and off the camera, a mentor suggested improvisation classes to improve her interviewing skills. Lexis began studying improv at Upright Citizens Brigade in 2010, and quickly fell in love with everything they had to offer. After taking a sketch comedy writing class, a fellow student suggested trying stand-up, it's been a wrap ever since. Outline of the Episode:  [02:23] The Brief Introduction about Lexis Sharde.   [02:52] How you started Life Coaching Comedians.   [05:07] What are the things you are trying to address with your podcasts.   [06:37] Anxiety & Depression.   [07:42] Similarities & how much you like b/w Wild Wild West & FCC.   [09:05] How Consistency is a hard thing?   [11:48] 1st Comedy Event.   [13:20] Is there is any need to write a Joke to do a Comedy?   [17:06] Lexis Sharde Favorite   [25:40] The New Norm about Sleeping   [28:09] Scary Movie you remember from your Childhood.   [33:55] Discussing about the Fart Podcast.   [36:50] Experience of Farting in Club Houses.   [45:10] Do you have Farting breaking system in your podcast   [55:47] Rush Hour?   [56:51] What is your favorite Conspiracy?   [59:31] What do you think about the idea of Billionaire Celebrities sealing their yards to green part of Antarctica?   [01:05:19] Would you take one way Trip to Marc?   [01:08:08] What is the piece of information you know that is illegal to know   Catch Lexis Sharde! Website: Youtube: Instagram: Podcast: comedians/id1455433545 Connect with AmigosPC!  Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: out  Official AmigosPC Merch at:  Join the conversation with the Amigos by becoming a member of Amigos pc get direct access to our discord and other cool free stuff

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