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Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything

Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything

Podcast Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything
Podcast Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything

Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything

Theorie of Everything ist ein Podcast.
Theorie of Everything ist ein Podcast.

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  • Art vs Commerce (Iron and Lies remix)
    *** New ToE series debuting next week about truth, lies, American democracy and the 50 year legacy of deepthroat and trouble-making investigative journalists*** But first a look back to a road trip I took to the American heartland in Wisconsin a few yerars back. We visit the house on the Rock and the forevertron. Even though Alex Jordan’s tourist attraction is one of the most visionary unique places in the world you still won’t find it on any of the official Wisconsin art environment maps. This never bothered the guy who put it together  Alex Jordan Jr, in fact the whole place was built on the idea of sticking it to the official arbiters of culture, plus it pulls in millions of dollars a year in admissions fees! Plus the Forevertron, a place built on the idea of escape from pain, suffering, and failure.
  • Herdest Immunity (New York after Rona part v of v)
    Our New York after Rona miniseries comes to an end just in time for the latest Variant. The WHO turns to podcasts for a new endless stream of naming possibilities. Plus a ToE favorite playwright returns with a new musical production of Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery.
  • Émigration Intérieure (remix)
    As the Nazi nightmare came to an end Thomas Mann thought long and hard about collective guilt. Can Mann’s idea help America in 2021, or do we need a new theory of collective shame. NYRB has put out a recent collection of Mann’s political writings.
  • Afterschool Special (New York After Rona (part iv)
    New York Schools were closed for most of the pandemic. Education reporter Anya Kamenetz explains why she calls it a stolen year. Plus we meet up with  Lenore Skenazy to hear what parents can learn from her classic (and recently updated) Free Range Kids.
  • Below and Beyond (New York After Rona (part iii)
    We visit an empty storefront in Greenwich Village to talk with journalist and curator Alex Brook Lynn about her latest immersive multimedia exhibition: “Eulogy for New York City.” Plus a visit to New York City’s first post covid ComicCon to find out how Batman is doing.

Über Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything

Mit dem Podcast "Theorie of Everything" taucht der Zuhörer in eine Mischung aus Journalismus, Fiktion, Kunst, Interviews und gelegentlich Träumerei ein. Gastgeber Benjamen Walker verbindet Punkte in einer komplexen Welt im Gespräch mit Philosophen, Freunden und gelegentlich auch Stars.


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Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything

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