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The last podcast

The last podcast

Podcast The last podcast
Podcast The last podcast

The last podcast


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  • Episode 520: The Tragedy of the Essex Part I - Thar She Blows!
    This week the boys make their return to the high seas, breaking down The Tragedy of the Essex, a harrowing tale of blood, whale guts, and cannibalism that would go on to inspire the literary classic "Moby Dick".
  • Side Stories: Banana Butt
    Ben 'n' Henry bring you this week's weirdest stories and true crime news, continuing their coverage of the "complicated" Alex Murdaugh murder trial, the UFO threat according to Malcolm Robinson, Tasmanian Trout Lovers, the Tesla Pipe Attacker, the hormone enraged man who swallowed a condom wrapped banana, a breakdown of Elvis's diet, more on India's Kite Festival deaths, Listener Stories, and MORE!
  • Relaxed Fit: The Trinity UFO Crash
    It's UFO time and this week the boys are connecting the dots in the trickle of soft disclosure, digging into a piece of UFO history dubbed "Roswell before Roswell" with the 1945 crashing of an avocado shaped ship just 100 miles from the famous UFO capital of New Mexico, The Trinity UFO Crash.
  • Side Stories: Death by Kite
    Ben 'n' Henry bring you this week's weirdest stories and true crime news including a Murdaugh Murder family update as Alex Murdaugh's trial heats up, chaos in India as over 60 are injured along with 6 deaths in Kite related incidents at popular Kite Festival, friends ironically remembering family annihilator Michael Haight as a good dad despite murdering entire family, the Florida woman who claimed her crack pipe was a sex toy, the priest who went to hell, a true hero of the week, listener emails, and MORE!
  • Episode 519: The Troubled Teen Industry Part III - Joe Ricci and the Murder of Martha Moxley
    This week the boys conclude the story of The Troubled Teen Industry leading up to the modern age of the Industry as well as the story of Joe Ricci and the Murder of Martha Moxley.

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