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Podcast Soundcheck
Podcast Soundcheck


Soundcheck ist die Quelle, um Ihre Lieblingsbands zu hören und neue zu entdecken, mit Live-Im-Studio-Performances und Interviews.
Soundcheck ist die Quelle, um Ihre Lieblingsbands zu hören und neue zu entdecken, mit Live-Im-Studio-Performances und Interviews.

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  • Beirut-based Band Mashrou' Leila Courts Controversy (Archives)
    Beirut-based indie-rock band Mashrou’ Leila tackles taboo topics - political corruption, same-sex love, religion (inter-religious marriage), and Middle Eastern feminism. Their catchy and danceable Arabic pop songs are full of guitars, drum machines, samples, violin and frontman Hamed Sinno’s sensual voice. In the years since they first formed in 2008, they’ve become both enormously popular and enormously controversial, even banned in some countries. Mashrou’ Leila’s 2015 record, Ibn el Leil - means ‘son of the night.’ They play music from it live in-studio. (From the Archives, 2017.)
  • Silvana Estrada Explores Love and Loss
    The Mexican singer-songwriter and arranger Silvana Estrada offers poeticism and a fresh take on traditional folk music resulting in a deeply heartfelt and lyrical sound which may tug at the heartstrings. A multi-instrumentalist raised in a musical home in the mountain town of Veracruz, she plays the Venezuelan cuatro (a four-stringed guitar) in many of her songs. The tangled roots of her musical influences mix the folk stylings of son jarocho (from the Gulf Coast of Mexico), Portuguese fado, jazz torch songstresses, and the classical influence (she performed baroque choir music in her youth.) Silvana Estrada plays haunting songs of love and loss on the cuatro, as a preview of her new album, Marchita ("withered"), onstage at The Greene Space. - Caryn Havlik Set list: "Tristeza," "Marchita," "Te Guardo" Watch "Marchita": Watch "Tristeza": Watch "Te Guardo":
  • Guitarist Margaret Glaspy Delivers Crunch & Thunder (Archives)
    Guitarist and singer Margaret Glaspy released her album Emotions and Math in 2016, and promptly found herself on a whole bunch of year-end lists of the best albums of the year, including those of the New York Times and NPR. It’s not hard to hear why – at times Glaspy snarls her way through love’s trials and travails, while her guitar snarls and thunders right along with her. At others, she offers something a little more subdued, even melancholy. Glaspy and her trio join us to play songs from Emotions and Math, in-studio. (From the Archives, 2017.)  
  • John Doe (Frontman of X): An L.A. Punk Plays Tough Folk (Archives)
    John Doe is a musician, actor, and author, and one of the founding fathers of the L.A. punk scene with his band X, which continues to this day. He has co-authored and collected first-hand accounts of L.A. punk experiences in the book, Under the Big Black Sun. John Doe has also done country and folk music with his other band The Knitters, and released ten solo albums. The last is called The Westerner, which came out in 2016, and John Doe returned to play some of his solo songs in-studio in 2017. (Archives.)
  • The Captivating Analog Synth Artistry of Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith (Archives)
    The west coast-based sound-maker and experimenter Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith weaves melodic patterns and pulses, using various analogue synthesizers – like the rare EMS Synthi 100 synthesizer, a vintage Buchla modular synthesizer, earning her a fun title as a composer and producer – “synthesist.”  On Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith's 2017 album, The Kid, she crafts a playfully strange expression of human awareness via these synthesized sound designs that falls neither in the pop world nor the avant/classical one. Synthesist, producer and composer Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith joins us in the studio to perform some of her recent creations. RIYL: the films of Hayao Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli, Suzanne Ciani, Joshua Light Show, Euclidean geometry, Anna Meredith, and s t a r g a z e.    

Über Soundcheck

WNYCs Quelle, um deine Lieblingsbands zu hören und neue zu entdecken, mit Live-In-Studio-Performances, Interviews und Tipps in der immer lebendigen Konzertszene New Yorks.


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