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SModcast - Nooner

SModcast - Nooner

Podcast SModcast - Nooner
Podcast SModcast - Nooner

SModcast - Nooner


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  • 339 : Tik Tok with Robots
    Guest MIRP, NetHead, and gentleman Will Wilkins joins Marty for a one-on-one about the midterms, technology, the pets we love, video games, how to experience Marvel movies, and all the things in between. Plus, some awesome softballs via the mail sack. Mail sack? Right here: [email protected]
  • 338 : Man, I Told You Not to Go in That House
    John tries to reprogram his human responses to fit in Marty's narrow view of discourse. Along the way, they talk about Twitter, perfect movies, and the last line of "Get Out." Unfortunately, we never find out what that last line is. But there's still some juicy mail sack. Do you have mail sack juice? [email protected]
  • 337 : John Shits on Democracy
    John and Marty try to solve the world's problems only to discover's complicated? Marty abandons improv rules to just shit on John. John obliges. Then they discuss the scariest, grossest, and funniest movies they've seen. Let us know yours: [email protected]
  • 336 : Funnier in Hindsight
    Tonight John and Marty make each other laugh about the usual nonsense: mediocre TV, movies we haven't watched, and news we don't understand. John explains Seattle. Marty laments...something? Plus some delicious softballs from Peter WG! [email protected]
  • 335 : Subterra Anyone?
    @stephenkrueger joins John and Marty to talk about the herculean effort it took to produce Subterra season 2. We talk about dogs, post-apocalyptic media, and other fun stuff. Join in the conversation: [email protected]

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